Decision No. 1531/QD-TTg of August 30, 2013, approving the scheme on revising the master plan on development of Vietnam’s border-gate economic zones through 2020, with a vision toward 2030

Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;

Pursuant to the National Assembly Standing Committee’s Resolution No. 470/2012/NQ- UBTVQH13 of February 27, 2012, on results of the supervision of implementation of policies and laws on construction and development of economic zones and border-gate economic zones;

Pursuant to the Prime Minister s Decision No. 671/QD-TTg of June 7, 2012, promulgating the plan on implementation of Resolution No. 470/2012/NQ-UBTVQH13 of February 27, 2012;

At the proposal of the Minister of Planning and Investment in Report No. 4195/TTr- BKHDT of June 20, 2013, and Document No. 6024/BKHDT-CLPT of August 20, 2013,


Article 1. To approve the scheme on revising the master plan on development of Vietnam’s border-gate economic zones through 2020, with a vision toward 2030, with the following principal contents:

1. Viewpoints

a/ To develop border-gate economy and economic zones in association with building and developing friendly, stable and firm political relations between Vietnam and China, Laos and Cambodia. To enhance international cooperation and attract domestic and foreign investment through border-gate economic zones;

b/ To develop border-gate economy and economic zones with a long-term vision and in a priority order for each period, suitable to national development orientations and specific conditions;

c/ To regard economic and political efficiency and national interests as the highest requirement and an important criterion for revising the master plan and development of border-gate economic zones, and fully take into account impacts of the market economy and international economic integration. Parties involved in economic, commercial and investing activities may all benefit from border- gate economy and economic zones;

d/ To build border-gate economic zones in compliance with detailed plans approved by competent authorities, use land according to set roadmaps, and make construction investment in an economical and efficient manner, preventing thinned-out and off-target investment and waste of resources;

dd/ To closely combine border-gate economy development with human resource development, ensuring that the master plan on border-gate economic zone development consistent with master plans on human resources and social infrastructure facilities (schools, healthcare establishments, cultural and sports establishments, and residential areas);

 e/ To satisfy environmental protection, national defense and security requirements in the development of border-gate economy and economic zones.

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