1. Activity building, organization, and business management will be preceded as follows:

- Analyzing in the real management model, offering organizational structure model accordingly: the Board of Director, functional departments, offices, workshops, factories.

-  Analyzing and drafting specific functions of each department, office, and belonged business unit.  

-  Drafting the duties, missions, and rights of management staff as well as relationship in business operation management.

-  Establishing in directly or indirectly management rights and coordinating relationship in the operation of the company; including Director General, Deputy Director General of the Company;

-   Establishing the working relationships within the Company;

2. Consulting in drafting the regulation of Board of Management.

- Legal responsibility of Board of Management;

- Duties and rights of Board of Management;

- Working principle of Board of Management;

- Planning of member structure & change of membership in Board of Management;

- Organizational structure which supports to Board of Management;

- Relationship establishment between Board of Management with General Director,

   Board of Supervisor;

-  Planning the meetings of Board of Management,

-  Analyzing & planning in management and using of capital sources of Board of Management.

3. Consulting in drafting the regulation‘s Board of Director

-  Management Model;

-  Provision & legal responsibility of Director/ Director General and executive;

-  Qualification of Director/ Director General.

-  Regulation about rights and duties of Director/ Director General;

- Consulting & instructing on implementing the authorized rights and duties of

   Director / Director General.

-  Relationship between Director/Director General with  Board of Management;

- Conditions for appointment & dismissing Director, Deputy Director General;

- Functions, duties, rights of Managers.

- Other related contents.

4. Human management,  wage & bonus policy.

-  Consulting in drafting and completing Enterprise‘s regulation;

-  Consulting in organizational structure and management relationship of enterprise;

-  Consulting in business line, business fields, and special factors of each enterprise;

-  Consulting in recruitment and human source of enterprise

- Consulting in training, enhancing the professionality, work skills of staffs

- Consulting in preferential wage policy for improvement the close relationship between   staffs and enterprise.

- Consulting in working safety and hygiene

- Consulting in confirming the price unit & wage fund of yearly plan;

-  Consulting in confirm the method of wage payment for workers.

 - Building the evaluation system of work as well as commending and rewarding, fining.

-  Regulating the time and method for wage payment as well as special wage system.

- Granting, applying and evaluating, amending, supplementing the regulation;

- Other legal services.

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