PTD acquires goods and services on the basis of a formal contract award procedure following a competitive procurement process.  Methods of solicitation may be formal or informal, based on the WIPO Financial Regulations and Rules and the WIPO Procurement and Purchase General Principles, Framework and Procedures (March 2006).  Open international solicitations are advertised in the WIPO procurement website and the website of the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) and, as required, in newspapers of wide circulation and international industry bulletins.  Notices of these advertisements are also sent to all eligible suppliers registered in WIPO’s Vendor Registration System (see below). 

Depending on the value of the purchase, solicitations may be formal or informal:

(a)     for purchases estimated not to exceed Sfr 20,000, direct purchase is possible;

(b)     for purchases estimated to exceed Sfr 20,000, purchase shall be made on the basis of an informal Request for Quotation (RFQ) and at least three offers;

(c)     for purchases estimated to exceed Sfr 50,000, tenders are directly invited either through a limited tender procedure or from pre-selected eligible suppliers following an open international call for EOI; and

(d)     for purchases exceeding Sfr 100,000, formal open international tender procedures apply, including approval by the WIPO Contracts Review Committee. 

WIPO's Vendor Registration System (VRS) is now available please 


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