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+ Consulting on form of individual business household: Business households are understood as shops owned by an individual who is a Vietnamese citizen or a group of people or a household which can only register for business in one business location. To use no more than ten laborers, without seals and take full responsibility for all their properties for business activities. The shops business employing more than ten regular laborers must operate in the form of enterprise.

+ Consultancy on the establishment of business households: Individuals, groups of individuals or household representatives shall send written requests for business household registration to the district-level business registration offices of the localities where they are located. The contents of the application for business household registration include:

- The name of the business household, the address of the business location;
- Business lines;
- Business capital;
- Full name, number and date of issuance of Identity Card, address of residence and signatures of individuals establishing business households for business households established by the group of individuals, of a individual for business households established by a person, or a household representative in the case of a household business established by a household.
+ Consultancy on registration dossiers for the establishment of business households, including:
- Request form for business household registration
- Copy of the people's identity card of individuals participating in household businesses or household representatives;
- Minutes of individual group meetings on the establishment of business households, for cases where business households are set up by a group of individuals.
- For business lines that require practicing certificates, the above documents must accompany with a valid copy of the practicing certificate of the individual or household representative.
- For business lines which require legal capital, the above documents must accompany with valid copies of the written certification of legal capital by competent agencies or organizations.
+ Advice on the competent state agency to license establishment: The district-level business registration offices shall issue receipts and grant business household registration certificates to business households within five working days, from the date of receiving the dossier, if all the following conditions are fully met:
- The business line is not on the list of prohibited business lines;
- The name of the intended business household is appropriate;
- Pay enough registration fees as prescribed.

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