1. Why is there a lawyer online counseling service?

Due to the need of social development, the use of electronic means and mobile phones are considered the main method of communication for all people, one of the communication methods, connecting people with each other in all regions of Vietnam, as well as in countries around the world, this is considered the main reason to form online legal consultancy services.
On the other hand, due to the increasing understanding of the laws of the people, the State always has methods to propagate and disseminate the law to all people. Therefore, in order to understand the detail of the legal issues applicable in your case, it is inevitable that people will learn the provisions of the law, through which, online lawyer services via phone is formed and growing.
The online legal consultancy service has existed for a long time, but it is now widely used by all people because of the benefits that this service has been proven through time. Specifically the important benefits this service brings:
Firstly, wherever you are, everyone can connect with a lawyer for legal advice and answers because in Vietnam today, there are many law firms and law offices providing Online legal advice service via phone, it's easy to connect with a lawyer.
Second, save time, cost, effort. Compared to traveling from remote areas to the city center to seek lawyers to solve their problems or even explore and study the provisions of the law (while Vietnam currently has thousands of legal documents), connecting lawyers will solve the difficulties and disadvantages mentioned above, but at a low cost, according to the fees set by the network carrier, there is no additional cost for lawyers, it does not take too much time, with their experience and expertise, the lawyer can answer immediately to the client.
Third, you don't have to worry about the quality of the service because law firms and law offices are established more and more, the trend of fierce competition in the market leads to law firms and law offices being forced to improve their quality of consulting services, improve professional skills and experience of the consulting staff to be able to attract clients. If the service quality is not good, there will be no place in providing online legal consultancy services.
Finally, if you are encountering some sensitive legal problems, you cannot come to see a lawyer directly to present the case, wish to consult legal, wish to have legal support for yourself, then Online consulting lawyer services are a great option for you. Just call the online legal advice center, no need to meet face to face, your problem is still resolved and we commit that your information will never be revealed to third parties - This is the original Important rules in customer support of lawyers, law offices, and current law firms.
Lawyers counseling online by phone on the division of inheritance by law

Legal counsel on inheritance for free, call: 0986.386.648

2. The contents of online lawyers' consultancy on the division of inheritance according to law

Through online legal consultancy hotline 0986.386.648 Minh Khue law firm will answer issues related to the inheritance division according to law. Here are the basic issues that we regularly provide advice, in addition, we still provide other issues according to your requirements:

- Advising on the provisions of the current law on cases of inheritance division according to the law (when there is no will, or there is a will but only it is invalid, illegal);

- Advice on the identification of entities including individuals, organizations and enterprises eligible to receive inheritance under law;

- Advising on regulations on inheritance and inheritance rights in some special cases;

- Advice on the division of inheritance under the law based on the provisions of law, the agreements of co-inheritors and entities with related rights and obligations;

- Advice on procedures for claiming inheritance, dossiers and order for registration of inheritance according to law;

- Advising and assisting clients in drafting declaration forms, agreement documents of co-inheritors, collecting documents related to the declaration of inheritance according to law;

- Consulting and answering disputes related to the division of inheritance by law;

- Giving orientations, negotiation and negotiation plans between entities with inheritance rights to mutual benefit when conducting the inheritance division according to law;

- Data on risks and disputes that may arise if not implemented or performed in contravention of law provisions on division of inheritance according to law;

- Explanation on prescription of the statute of limitations, which is allowed to inherit, refuse to inherit, be entitled to request the performance of the obligation, request the Court to settle disputes on inheritance so that the clients can understand and have options for their case;

- Consulting and answering other problems related to division of inheritance according to law in some special cases.

>>Reference: Free online legal consultancy on land inheritance law via telephone

3. Some notes when connecting to a lawyer

Although lawyers, consultants in the Customer Support Department via hotline 0986.386.648 are always on hand, ready to assist clients whenever clients have demand, but due to the limited number of employees, and a large number of clients who need legal advice, we are working hard to expand and improve the system so that we can best serve our clients. We are sorry if clients have to wait a long time before they can connect with a lawyer. The best time frame for clients to connect to a lawyer is from 7 am to 23 pm daily.

In order to save your consulting time, at the same time solve the problem quickly and promptly, we recommend that clients should prepare the content of questions and problems that want to consult, presenting the most accurate way or please present the content according to the instructions, how to ask questions to exchange and gather information from the lawyer. Because lawyers are knowledgeable of the law, there are problems clients want to present but that problem does not clarify, does not make sense in resolving clients' cases, so the lawyer will not require presentation to save time for parties but still achieve high efficiency.

In addition, before contacting a lawyer, the client should check the phone battery, the balance in the account so as not to interrupt the consultation between the lawyer and the client. Online consulting service fee when customers connect to lawyers via hotline is the network fee as prescribed.

After all, clients can ask for information of lawyers, consultants to facilitate contact again, although the principle of customer support is that staff will tell their name or personal line right from the start calling but clients may not remember the information at the end of the consultation. Or you can also provide your information for Minh Khue law when you want to use other services, our Service Department will contact and quote details to clients.

4. Reasons for choosing Minh Khue's lawyer to consult online?

One of the important reasons that the Minh Khue Law Firm confidently brings to you is the quality of guaranteed, professional services, and a team of lawyers, legal experts have many years of online legal consultancy through call center on the issue of inheritance division according to law. Not only that, our team of lawyers also participated in representing a lot of disputes about inheritance division for our clients, so clients can be assured of the quality of the law team and our service quality. When there is a need to use lawyer services to participate in resolving inheritance disputes, please contact here: Lawyer service to resolve inheritance disputes

In addition, when clients use the consulting services of Minh Khue law firm, they will receive other benefits such as saving time including travel time, time to solve cases, effort and gain high efficiency, right and accurate support for clients' problem, giving the best plan for clients, ensuring the best rights and benefits to clients.

Clients can refer to the history of developing online legal consultancy activities of Minh Khue Law Firm to affirm that the use of our service is absolutely correct.

Best regards./.

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