According to the Decree, the Government decided to remove “Full name of father, mother in the back side of the people’s identity card from November 2, 2013; simultaneously, "Independence - Freedom - Happiness” phrase is added under the phrase “the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” in the front side of the people’s identity card. Moreover, the Government also shortens the granting duration of people’s identity card. Accordingly, the police office shall have to finish the granting process of people’s identity cards to citizens within the shortest time-limit, which must not exceed 07 working days for case of new grant, renewal, and 15 working days for case of re-grant in cities, provincial capitals; the time limit does not exceed 20 working days for all cases in rural districts of mountainous, high, border areas and islands; and not exceed 15 working days for grant of the people’s identity cards for remaining areas (According to the existing regulations, the maximum 15 working days are applied in the cities and 30 working days are applied in other areas).

The Decree takes effect on November 02, 2013; people’s identity cards already granted according to the Government’s Decree No. 170/2007/ND-CP dated November 19, 2007 will remain valid till the expired date prescribed by regulations.


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