Member States

WIPO’s Member States determine the strategic direction and activities of the Organization. They meet in the Assemblies, committees and working groups (WIPO decision-making bodies).

There are currently 184 Member States, i.e. over 90 percent of the countries of the world (membership criteria).


The WIPO Secretariat, or International Bureau, is based in Geneva. WIPO staff, drawn from more than 90 countries, include experts in diverse areas of IPIT. law and practice, as well as specialists in public policy, economics, administration and

The respective divisions of the Secretariat are responsible for coordinating the meetings of Member States and implementing their decisions; for administering the international IP registration systems; for developing and executing the programs designed to achieve WIPO’s goals; and for providing a repository of IP expertise to assist its members.

  • Organigram PDF, WIPO Organigram
  • Director General

NGOs, IGOs, Civil Society

WIPO works with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including other intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, representatives of civil society and of industry groups. Some 250 NGOs and IGOs currently have official observer status at WIPO meetings. See the list of WIPO observersadmission criteria. and

Program and Budget

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Every two years WIPO’s Director General presents a Program and Budget document to Member States for approval. This details objectives, performance measures and budgetary planning for all proposed program activities.

WIPO is unusual among the family of UN organizations in that it is largely self-financing. About 90 percent of the Organization's budgeted expenditure of 618,8 million Swiss francs for the 2010-2011 biennium will come from earnings from the services which WIPO provides to users of the international registration systems (PCT, Madrid system, The Hague System etc.). The remaining 10 percent will be made up mainly of revenue from WIPO’s arbitration and mediation services and sales of publications, plus contributions from Member States. These contributions are relatively small. The five largest contributing countries each donate about one-half percent of the Organization's budget.

Financial Regulations and Rules

The financial activities of  WIPO are governed by the Financial Regulations and Rules PDF, Financial regulations and rules.


An Internal Audit and Oversight Division; an External Auditor [PDF]; and an Audit Committee help ensure accountability, transparency and oversight of WIPO's operations and activities.

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