Over the past 10 years, Minh Khue Law Firm has counseled, solved and protected legal rights for millions of clients nationwide. With a large and qualified legal consultant team, experienced and well-trained in counseling skills as well as ethics of lawyer, Minh Khue Law Firm always committed to counsel and provide the most effective solution for clients, and will perform the best protection of the rights and interests of clients.

In addition, with the leading Online legal consultancy call center with the advantages of superior convenience and savings, Minh Khue Law has connected millions of clients with leading lawyers, legal experts in Vietnam, contributing to breaking down, narrowing the gap between clients, people and lawyers and bringing the law to closer to every citizen.



We always strive to make Minh Khue Law become the leading law firm in the field of online legal consultancy, bringing the law in the simplest and easiest way to understand to the whole people of Vietnam. Bring the simple, friendly and interesting form of using lawyer services for all subjects from enterprises and organizations to every citizen.

Minh Khue Law Firm wants to create a brand – The prestige law firm that represent the Vietnamese pride.


We carry the mission to serve all Vietnamese people - Improving legal knowledge for the people is one of the most noble missions of every lawyer of our company.

We always strive for the highest purpose of “Bringing Understanding, Legal Knowledge to Every Vietnamese Person”. The sincer thanks of each client is a motivation for each lawyer of Minh Khue Law Firm to improve the quality of service and bring the image of the lawyer profession honestly, and NICE in the eyes of every Vietnamese person.

We identify our mission for each group in society:

For Client: “There is only one boss in the company that is the client”. Minh Khue Law is committed to providing trust and the best experience of lawyer service, legal consultancy and online legal services. We always consider client as a focus for development.

For Employees: Human Resource Development focuses on attracting talents, profession training, professionalism and technology, satisfactory treatment. We commitment to creating equal developing opportunity for all employees to build a sustainable company.

For Partner and Associate Lawyers: Co-operate on the principle of mutual benefit (win-win).

For Society: Harmonizing business interests and social benefits, actively contributing to community activities.



Minh Khue Law Firm was established on the predecessor SUNLAW Consultant Limited Liability Company in the context of Vietnam was joining to the WTO and increasingly integrated into the world economy.

In 2007 and 2008, after Vietnam joined the WTO, it marked a "boom" in terms of legal area. Foreign investors rush into the Vietnamese market to open more opportunities for cooperation and economic development. At this time, Vietnam is considered as the most attractive investment destination in the world market in terms of geopolitics, economy and culture. The open commercial door to the open world was the cornerstone for our development - the pioneering lawyers who apply the industry for legal consultancy in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of construction and growth, we are proud to be the leader in bringing legal services closer to domestic and foreign businesses as well as individuals and households all over Vietnam.


Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

Logo of Minh Khue Law is made up of two parts: symbol and letter (brand).

The symbol is design on three components:

+ The square section wraps the circles, curves. With symbolic meaning: "Square and circle" symbolizes the development, perfection, flawlessness... This is the symbol for the perfect development.

+ Curves are designed and stylized from the letter M placed in a tilted square, the curve represents the flexibility in the legal field, which is placed in a clear pattern expressed in covering square.

+ The letter M is stylized in the form of an open book - Symbolizing knowledge, wisdom and clarity.

+ The circle is designed as a dot on the top of the letter M to represent a rising human image. At the same time, it is a symbol of the balance of justice - the image of balance is the enlarged image and hidden behind the image of man. Man is protected, shielded by the square on the form of cone shape show the professional nature of the lawyer activities is to protect people, defend the right, defend justice and truth.

+ Another meaning of the metaphorical design circle is to associate with the image of Venus (Minh Khue), in the history of Vietnamese people, the image of the star was compared with the heart of the talented, “heart of talented bright as the light of Venus”.

+ The brand is designed to create the balance between the shape and the text - The balance here represents fairness.

+ The logo color is orange and brown, the color of the dynamics, the color of trust and development. Fonts without footprints show modernity and professionalism. Slogan of the company "Bright Heart Intelligence Mind" represents a vision, a direction of the founder of the company in the direction of legal thinking. This is a simple but implicit symbol.


Lawyer: Mr. Le Minh Truong is the Managing Director/Lawyer and is responsible for all activities of MINH KHUE Law Firm. Lawyer Le Minh Truong has gained a lot of experience in legal consultancy in areas such as exploiting the commercial aspects of intellectual property rights, enterprises, investment, real estate, media consultancy. He is not the only an expert in legal matters but also considered as a leader, laying the foundation for online legal consultancy in Vietnam.

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

1. Main practice areas: Consultancy lawyer for legal advice and litigation at the Court.

2. Training process:

  • Bachelor of International Law, Hanoi Law University (2003-2007); (2003-2007).
  • Certificate of Lawyer training, Judicial Academy (2007-2008).
  • Training Certificate of Law and Intellectual Property Professionals, University of Social Sciences & Humanities (2008).
  • Apprentice and practice at Van & Minh Law Firm, Nam Dinh province (2008-2010)
  • Apprentice and register at the Bar Association in Nam Dinh (2008-2012);
  • Registration of practicing at Hanoi Bar Association (2013-present).

3. Practical experience:

  • From 06/2007 to 09/2009 – Legal Advisor in the project department (ODA2 Department) of INVESTCONSULT GROUP.
  • From 09/2009 to 03/2013 – Managing Director of SUNLAW Consultancy Company Limited.
  • From 03/2013 to present – Director/Head Office of Minh Khue Law Company Limited.

4. Member of:

  • Lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association (Certificate of Lawyer Practicing No: 9227/TP/LS-CCHN)
  • Lawyer Business Card No. 7778/LS issued by Vietnam Bar Federation;
  • Vietnam Bar Federation;
  • Hanoi Bar Association;
  • Hanoi Lawyers Association;
  • The Vietnam Intellectual Property Association;
  • Vietnam Business Club.

Lawyer: Mrs. To Thi Phuong Dzung is the Deputy Director of Minh Khue Law Firm, who assists Lawyer Le Minh Truong in controlling the quality of general services in the operation of Minh Khue Law Limited Liability Company. With the ability of language (English and Japanese) and extensive knowledge in the field of investment, Mrs. To Thi Phuong Dzung directly perform the work of Foreign Investment Department, Intellectual Property and Enterprise Department as well as services with foreign elements of Minh Khue Law Firm.

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

1. Main practice areas:

  • Consultancy lawyer on intellectual property, enterprise and foreign investment.
  • Consultancy lawyer works with clients and their foreign partners at clients’ request.

2. Training process:

  • Bachelor of Foreign Languages (major in English), Hanoi University 2005-2009;
  • Certificate of Teacher Training Level 1, Hanoi Pedagogic University 2, Duration 200 sessions, Training time: 2008;
  • International Payment Certificate at Banking Academy, Training time: from October 16, 2008 to November 22, 2008;
  • General Accountant Certificate, National Economics University, Training period: from April 26, 2009 to July 10, 2009;
  • Bachelor of law, Hanoi Law University, training time in 2009-2012;
  • Certificate of Lawyer Training at Judicial Academy, Training Period from April 4, 2015 to July 22,2016
  • Practice period of 01 year at Minh Khue Law Firm from August 2016 to August 2017;
  • Recognized internship by Decision No. 272/QD- BCN dated 18/08/2016 of Hanoi Bar Association;
  • Guiding Lawyer: Mr. Le Minh Truong. Lawyer practicing certificate number: 7778/LS issued by the VBF on 25/06/2014;
  • Taking part in the examination of results of Lawyer Training Internship of Northern Region from 05/01/2018 to 07/01/2018 with the results of PASS under Announcement No. 26/TB-HDKT dated 23/01/2018 of the Council for Examination of the results of the Lawyer Training Internship of Northern Region organized by the VBF;
  • Lawyer practice certificate was issued on June 25, 2018 under Decision No. 1437/QD-BTP dated June 25, 2018.
  • Admitted to the Hanoi Bar Association, dated 31/08/2018.

3. Practical experience:

  • From March 2009 to March 2010: Worked at TTGroup Joint Stock Company;

Position: Assistant Business Manager - Industry Equipment

Work: Drafting foreign trade contracts, international payment, commodity trading contracts, exclusive contracts and distribution of equipment products in the cement industry. Working with foreign partners of the Company: Netherlands, Germany, Sweden .... and working/meeting at domestic cement factories including Chinfon Cement, Bim Son Cement , But Son Cement, Cam Pha Cement, Ha Tien Cement, etc.

  • From March 2010 to May 2011: Worked at KAD Joint Stock Company;

Position: Business Assistant

Work: Drafting foreign trade contracts, international payment, commodity trading contracts, exclusive contracts and distribution of construction equipment products: double-layer aluminum foil, silicon glue, etc. Worked mainly with Chinese and Malaysian customers on aluminum and silicon glue in construction works.

  • From 2012 to 2013: Worked at SUNLAW Consulting Co., Ltd.

Position: Assistant Director as well as Translator, interpreter

Services: Assist the Director to carry out procedures for trademark registration, business registration, completion of foreign investment files at Sunlaw Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • From 2013 up to now: Working at Minh Khue Law Firm;

Position: Worked through position as Assistant Director, Head of Enterprise Department, Foreign Investment Department, and Intellectual Property Department at Minh Khue Law Firm.

Current position: Deputy Director of Minh Khue Law Firm.

Lawyer: Mrs. To Thi Hoa is considered as a person with deep knowledge in the field of business in general and especially in the field of internal management consulting business (Development of executive management regulation/ consultancy on the general meeting of shareholders for the company...).

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

1. Main practice areas:

  • Bachelor of economic law, Hanoi Law University (2005-2009).
  • Graduated from Hanoi Judicial Academy (2009-2011).
  • Grant of law practice certificate in 2016, joining the Hanoi Bar Association

2. Practical experience:

  • From 06/2009 to 05/2015, she was a legal consultant at K and Associates Company (Vietnam's leading internal management consulting firm, led by lawyer Cao Ba Khoat).
  • From 06/2015: Lawyer/director of the Domestic Enterprise Department, Minh Khue Law Firm.
  • From 2017 to 2018: Working for Legal Department - FPT Corporation

From the year 2018 until now: the manager and responsible for the Domestic Enterprise Department of Minh Khue Law Firm


1. Lawyer: Mrs. Pham Thi Phuong Thanh:

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

Main practice areas: Lawyers Pham Thi Phuong Thanh provides legal advice in the field of Business, Land, Marriage and Family, Labor, Commercial Business, Criminal, Tax, Insurance, Administration ......

Education process:

· 2007 – 2011: Bachelor of Law - Hanoi Law University.

· 2012-2014: Law practicing internship at Lawyer Phan Huu Thuc’s office.

· 08/2017: Grant of Law practice certificate, Ministry of Justice.

· 09/2018: Grant of Lawyer practice certificate no. 1444/TP/LS-CCHN, Vietnam Bar Federation

· From 2018 until now: Register practice at Hanoi Bar Association.

Practical experience:

* From 2018 until now: Working as a collaborator at Minh Khue Law Company. Main job:

- Advise legal issues for clients through the Call Center 1900.6162 , write free consultancy article on the company's website luatminhkhue.vn, drafting legal documents for clients.

- Participate in the work of drafting contracts, negotiating and signing contracts with clients.

- Counseling, answering, supporting procedures and records at the request of clients in the field of enterprises such as procedures for establishing enterprises, supplementing business lines, procedures for transfer of contributed capital, stock transfer part in joint stock company, change of name, head office address, procedures for establishing branches, business locations, ....

- Consultancy on civil matters: drafting civil contracts, asset purchase and sale contracts, property leasing contracts, ...

- Advising on land issues: drafting land lease contracts, transferring land use rights, settling disputes over land, ...

- Counseling on marriage and family issues: drafting and counseling on marriage, divorce, common property division procedures, entering private property into the common property, solving problems of giving adopt children.....

- Advice on criminal matters: such as crimes of infringement of property rights (robbery, abuse of trust in appropriating property, fraudulently appropriating property ...), crimes about human rights relatives, economic crimes...

- Advice on labor relations: counseling, drafting labor contracts, contracts on termination of labor, sickness, maternity, unemployment benefits, unemployment and death benefits regimes,...

- In addition, perform other jobs as assigned by the Board of Directors.

* 2014 - 2018: Acting as a legal officer at Green Urban Investment and Development Joint Stock Company. The main tasks:

- Develop and review regulations, rules and regulations of the Company; Modify and promulgate Company rules and regulations in accordance with the law.

- Implement procedures for establishment, amend the business registration, investment certificate, ...

- Prepare documents, resolutions, decisions, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors of the Company; organizing the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board meetings, briefings for the whole Company.

- Participate in drafting contracts and documents; control the legality of documents and contracts issued and signed by the Company.

- Research laws, decrees, circulars, ... related to the field of the company's activities.

- Research, learn and regularly update the latest legal information for the Board of Management.

- Managing documents, legal documents, and personnel records of the Company according to regulations.

- Responsible for reporting directly to the Board of Directors for assigned tasks.

- Performing other office jobs ...

* 2012-2014: Law practicing internship at Lawyer Phan Huu Thuc’s office. The main tasks:

- Study case files, help lawyers statistics the data and situation of some cases.

- Help lawyers draft advice letters to partner companies.

- Learn in detail the order and procedures of organizing meetings of the General Meeting of Shareholders, helping lawyers guide the drafting of meeting minutes and decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

* 09/2012 - 11/2012: Working as a collaborator at Danh Tin Law Office. The main tasks:

- Study records and help lawyers send official letters to competent agencies.

- Help lawyers send advice letter to clients.

- Welcome the clients.

- Receiving related letters, documents and papers

* 07/2012 - 09/2012 Working at JOY Human Resource Training Joint Stock Company. The main tasks:

- Meet, contact customers to introduce customers products of the company

- Report customer contact content to the business leader.

2. Legal officer Ms. Le Thi Thuy:

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

Ms Le Thi Thuy works at Minh Khue Law Company Limited with the main task of advising clients on all issues relating to Intellectual Property law such as administrative procedures related to registering trademark - patent - industrial design - utility solution, copyright registration - related rights for writing works, computer software, applied art ....., amending content on trademark registration declaration - invention - industrial design - utility solution, adjusting content of trademark certificate - invention - industrial design - useful solution, drafting and contract consultancy in franchising.

Major areas of expertise:

- Procedures for registration of trademark protection

- Procedures for registration of patent protection

- Procedures for registration of protection of useful solutions

- Procedures for registration of industrial design protection

- Procedures for registration of code and barcode

- Procedures for copyright registration in literature, science and art (writing works, computer software, works of applied art, works of design and layout, photographic works, ... )

- Procedures for transfer of applications for inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and utility solutions;

- Procedures for transfer of use rights, trademark ownership, industrial designs, inventions, ..

- Procedures for registering franchises

- Prepare and set up service contracts related to Intellectual Property, copyright, franchising, ...

- Counseling, answering questions about Intellectual Property Law, Land Law, Civil Law, Marriage and Family Law, Social Insurance Law, ..... answering client questions and on behalf of clients to work with state agencies if clients have demand

Education process:

2013 - 2107: Bachelor of Laws, Hanoi Law University.

Practical experience:

From 12/2016 to 6/2017: Working at Hoang Phi Law Firm

Position: legal consultant

Works: Support and answer issues related to social insurance

From 07/2017 to 11/2017: Working at Ha Tran Law Firm

Position: Legal officer of Intellectual Property Department.


- Counsel intellectual property law

- Supporting clients to carry out procedures for protection registration for objects of industrial property such as trademarks, industrial designs, ...

- Support clients to implement copyright and related rights registration procedures.

- Support clients to carry out procedures for registration of bar codes

- Counseling and implementing business registration procedures, changing the contents of business registration ...

- Counsel and implement procedures for protection registration for objects of industrial property such as trademarks, industrial designs, ...

- Counsel and implement procedures for copyright and related rights registration.

- Counsel and implement procedures for registration of codes and bar codes

From 03/2018 until now: Working at Minh Khue Law Company

Position: Legal consultant


- Legal advice via Call center, line 122.

- Counseling, answering law of Intellectual Property, Land, Civil and other issues directly related at Minh Khue Law Firm's head office .....

- Prepare and review contracts, prepare documents and prepare documents related to procedures related to Intellectual Property in the country and abroad.

3. Legal officer Mr. Mac Hoang Viet:

Company Profile of Minh Khue Law Company

Major areas of expertise:

Counsel, support in procedures and documents required by clients in the field of business such as procedures for establishing businesses, supplementing business lines, procedures for transferring capital contribution, transferring shares in joint stock companies, name changes, head office addresses, procedures for establishing branches and business locations, etc. Mr. Mac Hoang Viet also advises and assists clients in the review, drafting contracts, counseling on civil dispute settlement, commercial dispute settlement, contract translation as well as types of documents required by customers.

Education process:

- 2011 – 2015: Bachelor of Law - Hanoi Law University.

- 2015 – 2017: Master of Law in International Business - Coventry University - United Kingdom

In the process of studying and training at Coventry University, UK, Mr. Mac Hoang Viet has been trained and received a Master degree in International Business Law with major research areas in international trade law, corporate governance law, environmental law, corporate crime, ...

In addition to the issues related to the business sector, Mr. Mac Hoang Viet also involved in consulting and supporting clients in civil matters such as consulting on contract negotiation, direct consultancy or write letter of advice on disputes related to civil contracts, commercial contracts, ... With 2 years of experience in studying and training masters in the UK, Mr. Mac Hoang Viet can assist in consulting and drafting the documents for clients in English and Vietnamese.

Main tasks:

- Counsel the procedures for establishing a business

- Counsel procedures to change the content of business registration

- Counseling investment procedures for foreign investors

- Counseling, implementing procedures for applying for a Work Permit for foreigners

- Counseling, implementing procedures to apply for a work visa, residence card for foreigners

- Counsel business conditions for conditional business lines

- Review and draft business cooperation contracts (Vietnamese or English-Vietnamese bilingual)

- Review and draft commercial contracts (Vietnamese or English-Vietnamese bilingual)

- Review and draft economic contracts (Vietnamese or English-Vietnamese bilingual)

- Review and draft distribution contracts (Vietnamese or English-Vietnamese bilingual), ...

- Consultancy on settlement of commercial contract disputes, civil contracts dispute

- Translation of documents according to clients' requirements, ...


Minh Khue Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services for foreign invested enterprises, organizations, individuals and domestic enterprises that need legal advice in the fields of enterprises, investment, intellectual property, land, tax and litigation. We are always ready to counsel, online transactions in the international language with you through the online consultancy or via email and other media.

Services of Minh Khue Law Firm include:


  • Consultancy on organizational structure (main office, branch, representative office) within the enterprise;
  • Consultancy on positions, roles and responsibilities of departments and how to coordinate work among departments, between management positions within the enterprise;
  • Consultancy on the application of policies to laborers in accordance with the labor law in a rational manner in the recruitment, employment, reward and discipline of personnel;
  • Legal consultancy on issues affecting the leadership and management of the business owner;
  • Consultancy on the agreements (expected) in the Contract of the Enterprise with partners, customers to advice whether contents are appropriate or contrary to the provisions of law;
  • Consultancy on administrative procedures related to the operation of enterprises;
  • Consultancy on capital contribution to investment and business; Business transformation ...;
  • Consultancy on methods and tools of human resource management;
  • Consultancy on tax laws, fees and charges;


  • Draft contracts;
  • Draft regulations, rules, rules of conduct ...;
  • Provide Job descriptions, functions, tasks and powers of departments, divisions, levels of management, staff (office)
  • Provide Criteria table to evaluate the capacity and effectiveness of staff.
  • Legal examination of legal documents: letters, decisions, contracts, cooperation agreements....
  • Evaluate the legality of the regulations that the Board of Directors should sign for issuance submitted by the lower level;
  • Join the Company's leaders in the process of negotiating contracts, other transactions as personal lawyers of the Chairman, General Director;
  • Being a mediator to assist in finding a resolution to disagreement, dispute for the Business Owner;
  • Legal training in each specific field as required by the Enterprise.


  • Representative of the Business Owner to carry out procedures in the field of foreign investment;
  • Representative of the Business Owner to carry out procedures in the field of enterprise;
  • Representative of the Business Owner register for protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Performing other works as a representative, authorized person of the Business Owner;
  • Representative of the Business Owner participating in the proceedings at the Court;
  • Representative for dispute resolution for enterprises;
  • Representative of enterprise in mediation;
  • Representative of enterprise in negotiation of civil transactions;​
  • Representative of enterprise in complaints, denunciations, litigation


Office address: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Telephone: 0243 991 6057 – 0246 686 3535

Email: lienhe@luatminhkhue.vn

Website: https://www.luatminhkhue.vn