Being one of the first law firms developing a official and professional hotline, we understand that the dedicated support is important basis to develop the company's brand in the market. Minh Khue Law Firm provides legal consulting services in the following fields:

Consulting lawyer of criminal law: Our senor lawyers and consultants are willing to listen and answer any legal issues in the criminal field that the clients are interested in, including regulations on crimes and penalties. We will keep secrets all information shared by the clients via hotline 1900.6162

Consulting lawyer of civil law: Have you ever wondered about the inheritance division, signing contract with deposite terms or other civil transactions. Please do not hesitate to contact us. All your legal matter will be made clear in the soonest time.

Consulting lawyer of marriage and family law: Under legal viewpoint, marriage and family relationship includes all the relationships such as marriage, adoption, common/private property relation of the spouse, divorce, propersty disputes, and custody and so on. The relationship is quiet and peacefull but actually it is considered as “ground wave”. Therefores; if the relation is not settled soon, the consequences are unpredictable. Being aware of that inevitable legal demand, our lawyers are willing to consult and make clear all our questions in the field of marriage and family via hotline 1900.6162 at any time.

2. Consulting lawyer of land law:

Land relationship always has potential complicated factor and high risk of disputes. You always look for an experienced lawyer to support you in land transaction, land transfer, land inheritance, and land donation. We always are your partner in those fileds. With experienced and qualified lawyers, we are willing to address any legal issues in the field of land that you are interested in.

Minh Khue Law Firm receives all your requests for legal services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our lawyers are willing to consult and support clients in the following areas:

- Consulting lawyer of marriage and family law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 1

- Consulting lawyer of criminal law: Call 1900 6162, dial # 2;

- Consulting lawyer of civil law and inheritance: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 3;

- Consulting lawyer of land law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 4;

- Consulting lawyer of tax law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 5;

- Consulting lawyer of labour law and social insurance law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 6;

- Consulting lawyer of business law and commercial business dispute: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 7;

- Consulting lawyer of foreign investment law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 8;

- Consulting lawyer of intellectual property law: Call 1900.6162 , dial # 9;

Consulting lawyer of business and foreign investment law:

Vietnamese business is now the foundation and important driving force of economic development of the country. Therefore, we are determined to consider consulting service on business law as our core task. With over 10 years of experience in the field of legal consultancy, we supply all legal services to the businessess, including but not limited to the following fields: Business administration (Development of operation and management regulation); internal dispute settlement, branding. In order to ensure the consultancy quality, Minh Khue Law Firm has developed a line for legal consultancy of business law - 1900.6162 . As for the field of foreign investment, especially when the foreign investors demand for interaction in English, we’ll support directly via hotline 1900.6162 . For general legal issues such as administration procedure in the field of business and investment policy, you can completely discuss with us via Hotline 1900.6162 . We are looking forward to serve the clients; clients’ satisfaction is a condition of precedent to secure our growth and reputation.

- Consulting lawyers of administrative law: You are performing an administrative procedure or taking part in administive relation but you do not know how to do. Please contact us for consultancy and support. With organizational structures include many departments, our consulting staffs in many fields are willing to give the consultancy exactly and thoroughly in the fields you are interested in.

- Consulting lawyer of Intellectual property: Intellectual property rights has been a hot issue in recent years. In this field, Minh Khue Law Firm supplies the following legal services: 1.Legal consultancy and trademark protection registration; 2. Legal consultancy and registration of copyright protection and related rights; 3. Legal consultancy and registration of industrial design protection; 4. Legal consultancy and registration of layout design of integrated circuits; 5. Legal consultancy and protection registration 6. Legal consultancy and protection registration of plant varieties; 7. Legal consultancy and technology ownership transfer; 8. Consultancy of licencing websites; 9. Consultancy to handle violation to Intellectual property law.

- Litigation lawyer at court: When a disputees reach climax, the dispute settlement at court is the most effective solution. In western countries, The settlement at court is a very normal thing, even a very simple dispute can be resolved at court. The fact that a company, family or even individual person has its own lawyer shows civilization. But the courts in Vietnam is still something that is very "terrible". Many people have the misconception that the court itself is synonymous with going to prison or is be regarded as a crime. “Being afraid of prison” is a common trend of East Asian, especially Vietnamese. Being well aware of that concept, we provide legal consulting service via Hotline 1900.6162. The clients can directly discuss with our lawyers about all legal issues in litigation at court that you are facing. We always want to supply the best legal services to Vietnamese so that the legal career really become a noble one and as a truth was confirmed, "Lawyer is final stronghold of the legality".

With service motto: "Dedication - Profession - Efficiency", all legal issues are clarified thoroughly by experienced, dedicated lawyers and legal experts of Minh Khue Law Firm.

Service time of the legal consulting hotline 1900.6162: From 6:30AM to 22.00 PM on all weekdays – Minh Khue’s lawyers are always willing to listen, consuld and adress all the legal issues that our clients are facing. (In case that your requests are not timely handled, you can send your questions immediately to e-mail: luatsu@luatminhkhue.vn for support).

In some cases that our lawyers, legal experts do not give you detail answer via telephone, Minh Khue will gather information and send written consultancy via email or by letter or direct appoitment.

We are looking forward to cooperation, interest and comments of our clients, individuals, organizations and businesses so that Minh Khue Law Firm can continously improve the quality of legal consultancy and provide perfect legal consulting service.

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