1. Official Fees for Trademark Registration

Obtaining trademark registration in Vietnam involves specific official fees charged by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP). Understanding these costs upfront helps with budgeting and planning for a smooth registration process. Here's a breakdown of the key official fees (approximate conversion to USD is provided for reference, but actual exchange rates may vary):

  • Official Charge for Filing Application (VND 150,000 - Approximately USD 6.50): This fee covers the initial processing of your trademark application by the NOIP. It's a one-time charge regardless of the number of classes your trademark applies to.
  • Fee for Publication of Application (VND 120,000 - Approximately USD 5.20): Once your application passes the initial screening, the NOIP publishes details of your trademark in the Industrial Property Gazette. This fee covers the cost of this publication, which serves to notify the public about your trademark filing and allows for potential opposition from third parties.

Understanding Trademark Classes:

The following fees are based on the concept of "classes" of goods or services. A trademark can be registered for protection in specific classes relevant to the products or services it identifies. Vietnam uses the Nice Classification system with 45 classes, which you can look at right here http://www.wipo.int/classification/nice/en/. For example, Class 25 covers clothing, while Class 30 covers coffee.

  • Fee for Trademark Search for Substantive Examination (VND 180,000 per group of goods/services - Approximately USD 7.80): The NOIP conducts a trademark search to assess if your proposed trademark conflicts with existing registered trademarks in Vietnam. This fee covers the cost of this search for the first six classes of goods/services included in your application.
  • Fee for Trademark Search from the 7th Good or Service Onwards (VND 30,000 per good/service - Approximately USD 1.30): If your trademark application covers more than six classes of goods/services, an additional fee applies for the search conducted on each class exceeding the first six. This ensures a thorough search for potential conflicts across all the classes you're applying for.
  • Fee for Formality Examination (VND 550,000 per group of goods/services - Approximately USD 23.80): The NOIP conducts a formality examination to ensure your application meets all the technical requirements and is complete. This fee covers the cost of this examination for the first six classes of goods/services.
  • Fee for Formality Examination from the 7th Good or Service Onwards (VND 120,000 per good/service - Approximately USD 5.20): Similar to the trademark search fee, an additional fee applies for the formality examination conducted on each class exceeding the first six.

Remember: These are just the official fees charged by the NOIP. Additional costs might arise depending on your specific case, such as attorney fees, translation fees, or opposition fees (this will be explain in future sections).


While not mandatory, conducting a trademark search before filing your application in Vietnam is a highly recommended step. This proactive approach offers significant advantages and can significantly improve your chances of securing a successful trademark registration.

Why Pre-emptive Trademark Searches are a Powerful Tool:

  • Reduced Risk of Conflicts: A comprehensive trademark search conducted by a qualified professional minimizes the risk of encountering conflicting trademarks already registered in Vietnam. This allows you to identify potential obstacles early on and adjust your strategy accordingly. Imagine investing time and resources into an application, only to discover later that a similar trademark already exists, causing delays and potentially derailing your registration process.
  • Surveying the Trademark Landscape: A trademark search acts as a window into the current trademark landscape in Vietnam. It reveals existing trademarks within your chosen class(es) of goods or services. This valuable information allows you to assess the level of competition for similar trademarks and identify potential areas for differentiation.
  • Making Strategic Adjustments: Based on the search results, you can make informed decisions about your trademark. For example, you might consider:
  • Refining your trademark: Subtle changes to your logo or brand name can help it stand out from existing trademarks and increase the likelihood of successful registration.
  • Selecting alternative classes: If the search reveals a crowded field within your initial class selection, you might consider registering your trademark in alternative classes where there's less competition.

By preemptively conducting a trademark search, you gain valuable insights and can make strategic adjustments to your trademark, ultimately increasing the chances of a smooth and successful registration process.

Minh Khue Law Firm: Your Trusted Partner for Trademark Searches

At Minh Khue Law Firm, we understand the importance of thorough trademark searches. We offer comprehensive search services conducted by experienced professionals to ensure a clear picture of the Vietnamese trademark landscape. Our competitive fee of USD 25 per trademark (covering up to 6 classes of goods/services per class) provides exceptional value for your investment.

Investing in a trademark search is a wise decision that safeguards your brand identity and streamlines the registration process in Vietnam.


3. Considering IP Representation: A Strategic Investment

While navigating the trademark registration process in Vietnam can be done independently, seeking professional guidance from an experienced Intellectual Property (IP) attorney offers significant advantages. This can be a strategic investment that streamlines the process, maximizes your chances of success, and protects your valuable brand identity.

Advantages of IP Representation:

  • Expertise and Efficiency: IP attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese trademark law, regulations, and procedures. They can guide you through the entire process efficiently, ensuring all requirements are met and avoiding potential delays due to mistakes or missing information.
  • Overcoming Challenges: IP attorneys can anticipate and address potential challenges that may arise during the application process. They can handle complexities like responding to objections raised by the NOIP or navigating opposition proceedings from third parties.
  • Maximizing Success Rates: An experienced attorney understands how to present your trademark application in the most favorable light, increasing the chances of successful registration on the first attempt. This saves you time, money, and avoids the hassle of refiling applications.
  • Long-Term Strategic Guidance: Beyond registration, IP attorneys can provide ongoing guidance on trademark protection and enforcement strategies. This includes monitoring potential infringements and taking necessary legal action to safeguard your brand rights.

Minh Khue Law Firm: Your Trusted Partner for IP Expertise

Minh Khue Law Firm is a leading IP law firm in Vietnam, with extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property registration and enforcement. Our team of highly qualified attorneys possesses a deep understanding of Vietnamese IP laws and a proven track record of success in securing trademark registrations for our clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your specific needs, including:

  • Trademark search and clearance: Helping you identify potential conflicts and ensuring a smooth registration process.
  • Trademark application drafting and filing: Expertly preparing and submitting your application to the NOIP according to all legal requirements.
  • Communication and liaison with the NOIP: Effectively managing communication and addressing any queries raised during the examination stage.
  • Opposition and infringement proceedings: Providing robust legal representation in case of challenges or infringement of your trademark rights.

Investing in IP representation from Minh Khue Law Firm is a strategic decision that safeguards your brand, maximizes your chances of successful registration, and provides ongoing support for a strong intellectual property foundation in Vietnam.

Contact us today for a consultation and discuss how our experienced IP attorneys can assist you in securing your trademark rights in Vietnam.


4. Annual Renewal and Maintenance Fees

Trademark registration in Vietnam offers a powerful shield for your brand identity, but it's not a one-time process. To maintain exclusive rights and ensure long-term protection, renewals are necessary every 10 years. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects and associated fees (approximate conversion to USD is provided for reference):

Renewal Process and Timeline:

  • Trademark registrations in Vietnam have a validity period of 10 years from the filing date.
  • To maintain protection, you must file a request for renewal with the NOIP within six months before the current validity period expires.
  • Late renewals are possible within an additional six-month grace period, but incur a delayed renewal fee.

Renewal Fees:

Several fees are associated with the renewal process:

  • Official Charge for Renewal of Protection Titles (VND 100,000 per group of goods/services - Approximately USD 4.30): This fee covers the core cost of extending your trademark protection for another 10 years.
  • Official Charge for Delayed Renewal (Renewal Fee + 10% per Month of Delay): If you miss the initial renewal window, a late fee applies alongside the standard renewal fee. This incentivizes timely renewals.
  • Fee for Examination Request for Renewal (VND 160,000 per protection title - Approximately USD 7.00): The NOIP charges a fee to process your renewal request and ensure it meets all requirements.
  • Fee for Protection Title Usage (VND 700,000 per group of goods/services - Approximately USD 30.40): The purpose of this fee is not entirely clear from the official schedule. It's recommended to consult the NOIP or a Vietnamese trademark attorney for clarification on this specific fee.
  • Fee for Publication of Decision of Renewal (VND 120,000 per request - Approximately USD 5.20): The NOIP publishes details of your trademark renewal in the Industrial Property Gazette. This fee covers the cost of this publication.
  • Fee for Recording Decision of Renewal (VND 120,000 per protection title - Approximately USD 5.20): The NOIP updates its records to reflect the extended validity of your trademark registration. This fee covers the administrative cost of this update.

Remember, planning for renewal fees is crucial when budgeting for trademark ownership. Contact us today to discuss your specific trademark renewal needs and receive a comprehensive cost breakdown. Our experienced team is here to ensure a smooth and successful renewal process.


5. Additional Potential Costs

While the official fees and recommended trademark searches form the core expenses, additional potential costs might arise depending on the specific circumstances of your trademark registration journey in Vietnam. Here's a breakdown of some factors to consider:

  • Translation Fees (Varies): If your application documents are not submitted in Vietnamese, official translation fees will apply. The cost depends on the language and the volume of documents requiring translation.
  • Communication Costs (Varies): While email communication is the primary mode, occasional traditional mail correspondence or express delivery fees might incur minor costs during the application process.
  • Opposition and Objection Fees (Varies): In rare cases, third parties might file oppositions against your trademark registration. Responding to such oppositions or overcoming objections raised by the NOIP during examination might incur additional legal fees depending on the complexity of the situation.

Minh Khue Law Firm: Providing Transparency Throughout the Process

At Minh Khue Law Firm, we believe in transparency throughout the trademark registration process. We will clearly outline all potential costs upfront, including any anticipated official fees, and provide a cost estimate for our legal services based on your specific needs. This ensures you can make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected expenses.

Beyond these listed costs, there might be additional unforeseen situations that incur expenses. For example, complex legal issues arising during opposition proceedings could necessitate additional attorney time and associated fees.


6. Conclusion

Trademark registration in Vietnam empowers you to protect your brand identity and navigate the exciting opportunities within this dynamic market. Understanding the associated costs involved, from official fees to potential attorney support, allows for informed decision-making and a well-planned registration journey.

Investing in a thorough trademark search and professional legal representation can significantly enhance your chances of success while minimizing the risk of delays or complications. Minh Khue Law Firm stands ready to be your trusted partner throughout the process, offering comprehensive services and transparent cost structures.

Don't let uncertainty about costs hinder your brand protection strategy. Contact Minh Khue Law Firm today for a consultation. We'll guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide a personalized cost estimate tailored to your specific trademark needs. If you need further explanation on this subject, please don't hesitate to contact us through email at lienhe@luatminhkhue.vn or phone at: +84986 386 648—lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung