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No. 16/2008/ND-CP

Hanoi, February 4, 2008





Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Goveniment;

At the proposal of the general director of the Voice of Vietnam Radio and the Minister of Home Affairs,


Article 1. Position and functions

1. The Voice of Vietnam Radio is a national radio broadcasting station attached to the Government, performing the functions of providing information on and propagating Party guidelines and policies and state laws, contributing to raising the peoples intellectual standards and serving their spiritual life through radio programs, radio broadcast on the Internet, visual radio broadcast and print.

2. The Voice of Vietnam is its international transaction name, which is abbreviated to Dai TNVX in Vietnamese and VOV in English.

The Voice of Vietnam Radio is subject to die Ministry of Information and Communications state management of its press, radio frequency, transmission and broadcasting activities.

Article 2. Tasks and powers

The Voice of Vietnam Radio shall perform the following tasks andexercise the following powers:

1. To submit to the Government regulations on its functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure for promulgation, amendment or supplementation.

2. To submit to the Prime Minister its long term, five-year and annual development strategies, plannings and plans and important projects; to organize the implementation of those strategies, plannings and plans after they are approved by the Prime Minister.

3. To submit to the Prime Minister the establishment, reorganization or dissolution of its organizations, which fall within the Prime Ministers deciding competence.

4. To plan, formulate and send national standards to the Ministry of Science and Technology for evaluation and publication under the provisions of Clause I, Article 17 of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations: to formulate and publish manufacturer standards under the provisions of Article 20 of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations: to plan, formulate and submit national technical regulations to the Minister of Science and Technology for evaluation and promulgation under the provisions of Clause 4, Article 9 of the Governments Decree No. 127/2007/ND-CP of August 1, 2007. detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law oil Standards and Technical Regulations.

5. The general director of the Voice of Vietnam Radio may promulgate documents for specific application anc interna, regulations under its management and may not promulgate legal documents.

6. To decide on its production and broadcast programs, lime volumes, plans and locations in accordance with law.

7. To produce programs and transmit and broadcasuhem: to collect news, materials, audio-visual products and multimedia communication products: to observe the law on national archive of radio broadcast materials.

8. To manage, operate and effectivey use its specialized technical system.

9. To manage its organizational apparatus, payroll, recruitment and employment; to implement regulations on wages, transfer, rotation, appointment and re-appointment of cadres, and regulations and policies on preferential treatment, commendation and discipline of cadres, civil servants,public employees and laborers under its management; to provide training and retraining in radio broadcasting operations.

10. To enjoy autonorm and accountability for its task performance, organizational apparatus, payroll and finance; to assign autonorm and accountability for task performance, organizational apparatus, payroll and finance to its revenue-generating non-business units in accordance with law.

11. To implement its annual budget estimates after they are approved: to manage its assigned finance and assets in accordance with law.

12. To decide on. and organize the implemen-tation of, its administrative reform plan according to the state administrative reform program and plan already approved by the Prime Minister.

13. To organize and direct scientific research and application of scientific and technological advances of the radio broadcasting industry.

14. To enter into international cooperation on radio broadcasting in accordance with law

15. To manage investment and construction projects within its competence in accordance with law; to participate in evaluating important radio broadcasting schemes and projects at the request of the Prime Minister.

16. To carry out service activities in accordance with law.

17. To promulgate, and guide the implemen-tation of. professional regulations applicable to its organizations and units in accordance with law.

18. To examine the observance of policies and laws and the performance of assigned tasks by organizations, individuals, cadres, public employees and laborers according to its competence: to coordinate in settling complaints and denunciations related to cadres and public employees within its competence in accordance with law: to prevent and combat corruption, wastefulness, red tape and imperiousness among its employees and units.

19. Regarding management of its attached state enterprises:

a/ To perform specific tasks and exercise specific powers in representing the owner of state capital portions at its state enterprises in accordance with law:

b/ To direct the implementation of schemes on establishment, reorganization, dissolution or equitization of state enterprises under its management after they are approv ed by the Prime Minister:

c/ To approve charters, and appoint and relieve from office directors, deputy directors and chief accountants of not-yet-equitized state enteiprises under its management.

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