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No. 18/2008/ND-CP

Hanoi, February 4, 2008






Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government:

At the proposal of the General Director of Vietnam Television Station and the Minister of Home Affairs,


Article 1. Position and functions

1. Vietnam Television Station is a government-attached national television station and functions to provide information on and propagate the Partys guidelines and policies and the States laws, and provide public services; contributes to educating and raising peoples intellectual standards and serves their spiritual life through television programs.

2. Vietnam Television Station is abbreviated in Vietnamese to THVN; its international transaction name is Vietnam Television, abbreviated to VTV.

3. Vietnam Television Station is subject to the Ministry of Information and Communications state management of press activities and broadcasting frequencies.

Article 2.Tasks and powers

Vietnam Television Station has the following tasks and powers:

1. To propose the Government to prescribe, change or supplement its functions, task and organizational structure; to propose the Prime Minister to decide on the establishment, merger, dissolution or change of names of its units under the Prime Ministers competence.

2. To submit to the Government or the Prime Minister its strategies, master plans, long-term, five-year and annual plans, and other key projects under the deciding competence of the Government or the Prime Minister; to implement strategies, master plans and plans after they are approved.

3. To elaborate plans on, formulate, and submit to the Ministry of Science and Technology for appraisal and promulgation, national standards under Clause 1, Article 17 of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations; to formulate and announce manufacturer standards under Article 20 of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations; to elaborate plans on. formulate, and submit to the Minister of Science and Technology for appraisal and promulgation, national technical regulations under Clause 4. Article 9 of the Governments Decree No. 127/2007/ND-CP of August 1, 2007. detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations.

4. To participate in drawing up strategies and master plans on the development of Vietnams television system.

5. To assume the prime responsibility for. and coordinate with local television stations and radio-television stations in. working out plans on the production of national television programs.

6. To decide on and be responsible for its daily broadcasting contents, programs and time volume.

7. To directly manage its special-use technical system for the production of programs, transmission of signals and broadcasting of national television programs at home and abroad.

8. To manaae investment and construction projects under its competence according to law; to participate in appraising important schemes and projects related toils professional operations as assigned by the Prime Minister.

9. To take the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned agencies in. working out a financial mechanism lor Vietnam Television Station suitable to its functions, tasks and powers and in accordance with the law on stale budget and other relevant laws, to request the Minister of Finance lo promulgate this mechanism.

10. To comply with financial, labor and wage mechanisms applicable io stale enterprises.

11. To operate on the principle of autonomy and accountability for its task performance, organizational apparatus, payroll and finance according to law.

12. To decide on the use of state funds managed by Vietnam Television Station for investment in and establishment of enterprises after getting the Prime Ministers approval.

13. Vietnam Television Station is the owner of enterprises which are established under its decisions and the owner of shares contributed to its attached enterprises according to law.

14. To decide on, and direct the implemen-tation of, its administrative reform program according to the objectives and contents of the States administrative reform program approved by the Prime Minister

15. To provide local television and radio-television stations with guidance on Vietnamese and English acronym names and English names of local television and radio-television stations, and on television operations and techniques.

16. To provide training and retraining in television operations according to law.

17. To conduct scientific research into and apply television technological ana scientific advances.

18. To cooperate with regional and world television stations according to law.

19. To manage its organizational apparatus and payroll; direct the implementation of the wage regime, and mechanisms and policies on preferential treatment, commendation and discipline for cadres, civil servants and laborers under its management according to current law:


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