No. 46/2015/ND-CP
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Hanoi, May 12, 2015
On quality management and maintenance of construction works [1]
Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law on Organization of the Government;
Pursuant to the June 18, 2014 Construction Law;
Pursuant to the November 26, 2013 Bidding Law;
Pursuant to the November 21, 2007 Law on Product and Goods Quality;
At the proposal of the Minister of Construction,
The Government promulgates the Decree on quality management and maintenance of construction works.
Chapter I
Article 1. Scope of regulation
This Decree guides the Construction Law regarding quality management of construction works in survey, designing and construction; maintenance of construction works; and handling of construction work incidents.
Article 2. Subjects of application
This Decree applies to investment deciders, project owners, owners and use managers of works, domestic and foreign contractors, state management agencies in charge of construction, and other organizations and individuals involved in quality management and maintenance of construction works.
Article 3. Interpretation of terms
1. Quality management of a construction work means the management by subjects of construction activities under this Decree and other relevant laws during the preparation, construction, operation and use of a construction work with a view to meeting the work’s quality and safety requirements.
2. Technical instructions means a set of technical requirements based on technical regulations and standards applied to construction works and designs to provide guidance and regulations on materials, products and equipment used for construction works, and the construction, supervision and acceptance test of construction works.
3. As-built drawings means drawings of a completed construction work, showing its location and dimensions and actually used materials and equipment.
4. As-built documents means a combination of documents related to the process of investment and construction of a work which are required to be archived after the work is put to use.


[1] Công Báo Nos 575-576 (27/5/2015)