No: 3044/NHNN-TT
Ref: New type of ATM crime and report on ATM equipment situation
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Hanoi, 18 April 2011
To: Card payment service suppliers

Through monitoring the bank’s ATM security, safety and service quality, the State Bank of Viet Nam realized that there had arisen new kind of crime who used tactics like special equipment in order to intervene or drive something errors in ATM operation process with a view to appropriate ATM money (as reported by electronic information portal- Youth newspaper dated April 10th, 2011). Therefore, State bank of Viet Nam hereby suggests that ATM payment service suppliers should direct ATM owned units to heighten its vigilance, strict supervision of ATM payment transaction, as well as cash supply, ATM inventory; at the same time, upon detecting any signs of ATM destruction and break-in, it is necessary to timely report to the State Bank of Viet Nam and provide information and coordinate with Public Security Office for investigation and settlement.