No: 457/NHNN-TT
Ref: Continuing to strengthen ensuring the safety, security and quality of ATM service
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Hanoi, 14 January 2011
To:       - Card issuers, payment service suppliers;
                                                - Card switching institutions;
                                                - State Bank's branches in provinces, cities.
It can be seen from the result of monitoring the situation of ATM activities in 2010 that the service quality, in general, has been improved and the inter-connection has also been expanded. However, the cases that ATM machine was out of work, short of money, stopping transaction… still occurred frequently; the period of time pending for detection, repair, handling verification request was long; the serving attitude of some bank staff was not satisfied; several ATM machines were not safe in terms of electricity.
In addition, the situation of card, ATM crimes in the past year was also on the rise in such forms as installing extra device to steal card data of the customer at ATMs, faking card to steal money via ATM; breaking, destroying ATM… The noteworthy trick in which were the use of such tools as hollow burner, gas welder, gas tank, ratchet cable cutter, wrench, crowbar,… to break and destroy ATM machine for stealing money. Immediately after the first case of theft at ATM occurring on 21 October 2010 in Hochiminh city, the State Bank of Vietnam issued the Official Dispatch No.8180/NHNN-TT dated 25 October 2010 directing payment service suppliers who have ATM machines to be more vigilant, checking, examining the security situation at ATM locations, at the same time, strengthening coordination with security agencies and preparing measures for prevention from crimes. However, cases of ATM destruction unceasingly happened with professional, reckless and well-organized acts (10 incidents have occurred since October 2010 so far), causing serious damage in assets to the banks and adverse effect on the payment service supply and on the guideline of the Government on developing non-cash payment service in our country.

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