Official Dispatch No. 7415/VPCP-KTTH dated September 23, 2014 of the Government Office on policies applicable to goods stored in bonded warehouses
- The Ministry of Finance;
- The Ministry of Industry and Trade;
- The Ministry of Justice.
At the request of the Ministry of Finance in the Dispatch No. 103/TTr-BTC dated August 25, 2014 on exporting checkpoint of goods temporarily imported and sent into bonded warehouses before being exported to other countries; on behalf of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Minister Hoang Trung Hai suggests:
1. Pursuant to the amended Law on Customs taking effect from January 1, 2015; the Ministry of Finance shall cooperate with Ministries and local authorities in proposing the amendments to regulations on customs procedures of goods stored in bonded warehouses to the Government for the purpose of ensuring the effective management and prevention of illicit trade or tax evasion. Before the Government issues the aforesaid regulation, goods sent into bonded warehouses shall temporarily comply with the regulations as follows: Liquor, beer, cigars, cigarettes, passengers cars with fewer than 9 seats, and timber sent into bonded warehouses are allowed to be re-exported through international checkpoints, main checkpoints and must not be re-exported through sub-checkpoints or entrances (including checkpoints or entrances in the checkpoint economic zones); timber from Laos and Cambodia must be suspended from being sent into bonded warehouses in any shape or form. The Ministry of Finance shall take charge and cooperate with The Ministry of Industry and Trade in providing detailed guidance.
2. The regulations prescribed in Point 1 shall come into effect after 30 days from the day on which the Ministry of Finance issues documents providing guidance on implementation. Notwithstanding the regulations of this Dispatch, every contract concluded before the issuance day of this Dispatch shall remain effective until their expiry.
For the Minister, Chairman
The Deputy Chairman
Nguyen Van Tung