Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgates that tanks of petrol and oil are made of petrol-resistant and non-combustible materials; installment of petrol tanks at stores must not to install petrol tanks floating on ground; not to install petrol tanks and pits in or under stalls, besides, when installing petrol tanks, it is required to calculate ability to be push floating and must have measures to prevent floating of tanks; surrounding tanks must cover sand or fine soil with the thickness of not less than 0.3 m; tanks installed under roads must apply measures to protect tank structure and for tanks made of non-conductive material materials must have measure to annul electrostatic when ex-warehousing or warehousing petrol and oil.
Pumps must be laid in aeration positions. If pumps are laid in house, they must be laid in separate space, together with measures of air ventilation and open doors turned outside. And the pump must ensure that vehicles may stop easily along pumps and not obstruct other means of transport to go in and out stores. Pumps must be laid on pump islands. Pump island must be designed with requirements as the height must be higher than premises of parking not less than 0.2m; the width is not less than 1.0m and pump island’s head must be far than edges of polar bearing overhangs or pump not less than 0.5m. Safe distance from tank and pump to public facilities may be reduced to 25 meter (17 meter if filling station has vapor recovery system) if filling station is equipped fixed or semi-fixed fire prevention system.
At filling stations must post up the internal rule on fire prevention and fighting at apparent positions, have signboards of fire prohibition and the fire command. The initial means for fire fighting must be equipped and arranged at the positions of stations such as petrol pumps; area for transporting petrol and oil into tanks; stall for sale of lubricants and other products; place for vehicle washing, vehicle maintenance; office for goods sale, safeguarding and generator, substation.
This Circular takes effect on August 01, 2013.


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