The list consists of 91 probihited jobs applied to minor persons in hazardous environment in contact with harmful micro-organisms; in a environment highly prone to infection and suffering mental and psychological tension… such as: Collecting or classifying garbage, wastes or scraps, working on scaffolds or beams which are over 3 m higher than the working floor and the like; working in prisons or mental hospitals; processing green coffee for export; contacting directly with toxic chemicals; operating and watching low-, medium- and high-voltage stations…

Moreover, the Circular also defines list of 05 workplaces in which the employment of minor persons is prohibited, specifically: Working on high scaffolds or ropes hung over 3 meters higher than the working floor; working on hills and mountains with a steepness of over 30o; being in contact with factors that may cause contagious diseases; working for over 4 hours a day in an uncomfortable and narrow space, which sometimes requires laborers to go on their knees, lie or stoop; being in contact with radioactive substances and rays…
The Circular annuls Joint Circular No. 09/TT-LB of April 13, 1995 and takes effect from August 1, 2013.

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