(Prime Minister’s Decree 101/2006/ND-CP on September 21st 2006 regulates that the re-registration, change and registration for changing the investment licenses of foreign invested enterprises must adhere to the Corporate Law and the Investment Law)

  • During the operation process, foreign invested enterprises without re-registration or participants in the business cooperation contract without the investment certificate change can have their investment licenses considered for adjustment if requiring, except for such fields as the business industries and the operation duration.
  • The investment licensing agency approves the application for the investment license’s adjustment of enterprises without re-registration and participants in the business cooperation contract by granting the adjusted Certificate of investment License; this adjusted Certificate is part of an investment License.
  • The investment licensing agency can issue the approval document without having to adjust the investment license in the following cases:

- Opening transaction offices, warehouse or product showroom (other than as a production unit) in the provinces or central cities where the enterprise is based.

- Changing the address of the main office within the area of the provinces or central cities.

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