Under this Circular, the Ministry of Public Security regulated that Vietnamese business people who want to be re-issued the APEC business travel cards (ABTCs) must have ordinary passports with time limit of at least three years from the day of submission of dossier requesting for card issuance. ABTCs shall be valid for 3 years. Meanwhile, according to the previous regulations, APEC business travel cards which are valid in 3 years must depend on the remaining time of the passport).
If a person requesting for re-issuance of ABTC due to expiration and agency, enterprise, where such person is working, has a written confirmation that there is no change of title and job position in comparison with previous time of request for card issuance, it is not required to submit a new written permission of ABTC use eligibility from competent authority.

Besides, the Circular also amends the guidelines on dossier, procedures of the initial issuance of passport, re-issuance for children under 9 years old and under 14 years old in the separate passport or in the passport of mothers or fathers or some special cases in accordance with the Decree No. 65/2012/ND-CP dated September 06, 2012. Specifically, passports which is issued to citizens at 14 years old or older shall be valid for not more than 10 years from the day of issue and not be renewed; Passports which are issued separately to children under 14 years old or shared to children under 9 years old into passports of mothers or fathers shall be valid in 5 year from the day of issue and not be renewed; Passports of mothers or fathers, which are valid for over 5 years, in case of being supplemented children under 9 years old shall be adjusted into 5 year from the day of supplementation of such children; Common passports are not permitted expending.

This Circular takes effect on March 20, 2013.

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