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With experience in legal consultancy activities, we confidently affirm the understanding of legal issues, incidents ... that businesses often encounter in the process of operating, manufacturing business (including legal matters involving foreign factors). We understand that, in many cases, only from small mistakes due to lack of knowledge of the law, but the business must bear the unacceptable consequences, affecting normal operation, reputation and image.

The incident could be :
- A deficiency in terms of payment - in the contract of sale.
- Firing of an employee in the wrong order and procedure.
- Have a partner complain about the infringement of the trademark, copyright ...
- Is required by a reporter to provide "confidential" information about the company.
- Need to know more about the law before signing an agency contract.
- There is a contract dispute, difficult debt collection ...
Such incidents or problems can be eliminated or minimized if the company has a legal counsultant. In the current business trend, when the role of the law is very an important, compulsory and global factor - the business of counseling is becoming increasingly necessary.

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With the slogan PRESTIGE - DEVOTION, Minh Khue Law Firm wishes to receive the choice and trust of clients - in case you need legal assistance.

Translated from: Dịch vụ luật sư cho công ty

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