Groups of industries and trades legally required to have practical certificate prior to their submission of business registration file:
(Applied to foreign and domestic investors)

1. Trading of western and veterinary medicine;

2. Health care services;

3. Construction design services;

4. Design of means of transport;

5. Real estate brokerage services;

6. Real estate evaluation services;

7. Stock brokerage services;

8. Accounting services;

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9. Auditing services;

10. Legal services;

11. Veterinary services;

12. Production, processing, bottling, packaging, trading of pesticide;

13. Trading of national antiques, relics, and precious objects.

14. Others as regulated by the laws.

List of industries and trades with required legal capital level

(Applied to foreign and domestic investors)

Ø Securities trading:
- Stock brokerage: VND 3 billion;
- Stock self-trading: VND 12 billion;
- Securities portfolio management: VND 3 billion;
- Securities underwriting: VND 22 billion;
- Financial consultancy and securities investment: VND 3 billion

Ø Credit organizations:
- Commercial joint-stock bank: VND 70 billion
(The legal capital of securities companies and credit organizations must be certified by the authoritative agencies or by certificates or legal papers as evidence of the business’capital enclosed with business registration file).

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Ø Travel services:
- Domestic travel: VND 50 million;
- International travel: VND 250 million;
On receiving the business registration certificate, the business must deposit it at the bank where the business has its main transaction account throughout its operation duration.

Ø Employment services:
On receiving the business registration certificate, the business must have at least VND 300 million deposited at the bank as part of the application file for a business license to the Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

Groups of industries and trades with registration certificates obliged to meet required business conditions prior to operation
(Applied to foreign investors)

1. Radio and television.

2. Production, publication and distribution of cultural products.

3. Mineral exploitation and processing.

4. Establishment of telecommunication and broastcast infrastructure, provision of telecommunication and Internet services.

5. Construction of public postal network; provision of postal and delivery services.

6. Building and operation of river ports, sea ports, airports.

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7. Transportation of cargo and passengers by railway, by air, by road, by sea and by domestic waterway.

8. Sea product catching.

9. Tobacco production.

10. Real estate business.

11. Investment in import, export and distribution services.

12. Education and training.

13.Hospitals and clinics.

14. Investment fields in international conventions of which Vietnam is a signatory committed to restrict opening the market to foreign investors.

15. Other fields of investment in the international conventions of which vietnam is a member pledged to restrict the market opening to foreign investors

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