Consultacy on contract

Counseling and drafting contracts in general and commercial contracts in particular require a lot of skill and in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws. The contract consultant not only ensures the benefits of the parties to the contract, but also anticipates future risks in order to be able to adjust the terms of the contract to suit the circumstances and regulations. Moreover, the role of contracts in business transactions is increasingly important because the contractual partners of the business are mostly professional entrepreneurs, who are knowledgeable about the laws relating to the content of the contract as well as the rules relating to the invalid contract, dispute settlement.

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Services of Minh Khue Law Firm in the field of consulting contract

1. Advising on legal provisions and practical application in relation to the terms of the contracts of the enterprise;

2. Participating in negotiation for signing contracts with enterprises;

3. Study relevant documents, find out relevant information about the parties in the contract in specific cases at the request of the enterprise, then provide the best solution for the drafting and signing to ensure the maximum benefit for the enterprise and balance the interests of the parties to the contract;

4. Examination of the contents of the draft contract between the enterprise with the partners according to the requirements of the enterprise and in accordance with the law;

5. Drafting the contract on the basis of the requirements of the enterprise and in accordance with the law, ensuring the maximum benefit of customers and balance the interests of the parties in the contract;

6. To provide legal consultancy on other relevant issues on the basis of law provisions on contracts at the request of enterprises.

Translated from: Dịch vụ hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp đàm phán, ký kết và soạn thảo hợp đồng

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