Of which, one of the most notable points is regulation on changing the Department of science and training into The Science, Technology and Training Department; the Department of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy into The Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Management Department; The Department of food safety into The Food Safety Department and regulation on establishing 2 new units: The Communication, Emulation and Commendation Department and The Information Technology Department. Therefore, from October 20, 2012, the organizational structure of Ministry of Health will include 24 units which are established from The Planning and Finance Department; The Organization and Personnel Department; The Health Insurance Department; The Medical Equipment and Work Department.

At the same time, the Decree also determined that the Ministry of Health is a governmental agency, performing the state management of health and other relevant tasks. Specifically, to submit to the Prime Minister draft decisions, directives and other documents related to the sectors falling within the scope of the Ministry’s state management or as assigned; To promulgate circulars, decisions, directives and other documents on the state management of the sectors falling within the scope of the Ministry’s state management; To promulgate, amend and supplement lists of contagious diseases of different groups, a list of contagious diseases subject to use of vaccines or medical bio-products and organize vaccination and use of medical bio-products for compulsory subjects in accordance with law; To grant, suspend and withdraw certificates of circulation registration, appraisal of professional contents of dossiers of registration for advertisement of insecticides and germicides for domestic and medical use.
This Decree takes effect on October 20, 2012.

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