Minh Khue law firm provides legal services to clients through various forms such as online legal consultancy, direct consultancy in the office, consulting through Email or social networks like facebook, zalo, youtube. No matter which consulting service clients use, they will receive the most specific and detailed advice and answers.

Chargeable Service of legal consultancy via Email

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Previously, Minh Khue Law Firm provided free legal consultancy services via email to clients. When there is any legal problem, even if it is the most simple one, you can send your question via email of the company for specific advice and answers. However, for a long time applying this consulting service, there were some following limitations:
- The number of questions is too many, the questions have general and almost similar content, while these contents have been consulted very detailed, specific and repeated many times, the consulting content has been posted directly on the website: luatminhkhue.vn clients can refer and apply immediately to their problems.
- The quality of the question is low, the information is not sufficient, even inaccurate, leading to ineffective and inaccurate consultancy. Not to mention that, as a free consultant, in many cases, clients ask questions unrelated to the provisions of the law, questions with an unknown purpose to ask a lawyer for advice, while if the questions are not in the legal field, lawyers have no obligation or responsibility for advising you.
- Email response time is often slower than other methods. Because there are so many questions, while the lawyer team is limited, the general questions, the content is not clear, leading to the lawyers need to research the law carefully in order to provide detailed consultation for clients. Or lawyers have to choose questions that are full of information and need to be solved urgently to advise clients.
In addition, the main causes of arising chargeable legal consultancy services via email are: First of all, due to the actual needs and growing society, nothing is free or many people think that free advice is often inaccurate, ineffective or free advice may be non-conscientious. Along with the development of information technology, for simple cases, clients can find out the rules of the law through the websites of law firms, they can apply immediately to their cases because most of the simple issues have been counseled by lawyers and detailed instructions through the articles, everyone can read and understand these contents.

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Besides, due to the subjective factor from the lawyer answering questions via email, to become a lawyer is not easy, a lawyer must go through the 6-year to 7-year process to be granted a law practice card. Free advice only applies to some special cases, but in fact, lawyers are just a profession in a multitude of other careers in society, lawyers also need to have the income to be able to maintain life.
Therefore, the provision of chargeable legal consultancy services is an indispensable rule of society today.
If clients are using free legal advisory services via email change to use chargeable legal advisory services via email, the client will receive the following benefits:
- Quick and accurate answers, specifically: As soon as clients send consulting content + consulting fee payment, our chargeable legal consulting team will research and answer the questions, problems for clients.
- The answer will be directly counsel by a lawyer who has expertise in the field of clients' problems, and has a full legal basis to apply problems to clients.
- Commitment to support, advise all problems that clients are having, in some cases, if the client provides incomplete information, the lawyer can contact the client to Identify accurate information and respond to clients as soon as possible.
- clients will receive a consultation letter with full legal basis, clearly analyze the legal basis to apply in the case of clients, from there, the letter will be a document that clients can read and reread many times and of course can apply immediately when there are problems arising similar cases.
- Commit to refunding consulting service fees via email if the client has a complaint about the quality of the consulting service.

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Please ask legal advice through the link below: Ask a lawyer for legal advice

3. The areas that lawyers counsel via email

Minh Khue Law Firm provides all legal issues related to clients in all areas, including but not limited to the following areas:
- Advice on legal issues related to Marriage and Family: Counseling on conditions for marriage registration, procedures for marriage registration, based on divorce requirements, documents and procedures for divorce, settle the division of common property, settle child custody disputes after divorce; answer questions about adoption, how to determine father-mother-child relationship, ...
- Legal advice in Civil field: resolving disputes on civil contracts (buying, selling, borrowing, authorizing, giving, mortgaging, pledging, contracting, service contracts , transport contracts and other types of contracts); consulting and answering problems related to inheritance issues (inheritance in accordance with wills or legally inherited), answering problems related to rights to property owners, ...
- Legal advice in the criminal field: Consulting, answering and analyzing the elements of crime, behaviors eligible to prosecute criminal liability, penalty for those acts , ...
- Advising on the provisions of law in the field of administration: Advise all acts and penalties for administrative violations promulgated by competent state agencies;
- Advising on the provisions of law in labor relations, resolving labor disputes, issues related to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;
- Advising on the provisions of land law, guiding methods of settling land disputes;
- Legal advice in the field of tax, finance - accounting;
- Legal advice on business, commercial business, business disputes, foreign investment, bidding;
- Advising on the provisions of the law in the field of intellectual property: Guide the process and procedures for registering copyright protection, barcode registration, patent protection, protection registration brand,...;
- Counsel other legal issues as required by clients.
To use chargeable legal advisory services via email, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Send a consultation request via email: [email protected] specify the advisory content + client information including full name + phone number + advice via paid email
Step 2: Make the Payment of consulting service via email fees
Step 3: After the Legal Advisory Department confirms the payment, the client's request will be transferred to a qualified lawyer to study and respond to the client's request.
Step 4: Receive advice from the lawyer of Minh Khue Law Firm by email
Customers can use the following link to request advice: Chargeable Legal consultancy service via email.

5. Consulting via email service fees and payment information

Consulting fee: 200.000 VND / consulting email
For some special cases, complicated cases, clients can contact Minh Khue Law Firm via call center 1900.6162 >> Press and select 0 for advice and direct quotation corresponding to the case of the client. You can pay the consulting fee through one of the following accounts:
Transferring contents: Consultation via email + Full name + Phone number
Vietcombank bank account - Thanh Xuan branch, Hanoi:
Account information: To Thi Phuong Dung
Account number: 0711000224577
Vietcombank - Thanh Xuan branch, Hanoi
Techcombank bank account - Ha Tay branch:
Account information: To Thi Phuong Dung
Account number: 19032993911011
Techcombank - Ha Tay Branch, Hanoi
In addition to providing chargeable legal advisory services through email, clients can use other Minh Khue's legal advisory services through the following ways:
- Through online legal advice call center: 1900.6162
- Go directly to our head office at the address: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
- Request for out-of-office consultation at client's request through scheduling consultations via call center 1900.6162
Minh Khue Law Company Limited thanks clients for trusting and using our services!
Best regards./.
Legal advice department - Minh Khue Law Company

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