At this Circular, appointed conformity certification organizations are required that they are established as prescribed by law, with activity function in the certification field; have registered and granted certificate of registration for certification operation by The Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality – The Ministry of Science and Technology as prescribed by law on product and goods quality and the assessment experts must have at least 05 assessment experts in official payroll (public employees or laborers who have signed contract with term of 12 months or more or non-term contract); having sufficient technical documents, documents in conformity with regulations compulsorily apply to respective products and certification process in conformity with the respective technical regulations. Besides, when organizations meeting requirements wish to participate in conformity certification activities for products, they may make registration dossiers and send 01 (one) set of dossier to the Food Safety Bureau, the Ministry of Health. Within 30 working days, after receiving a full and valid dossier, the receiver shall consider dossier, perform assessment on actual capability at facility (if necessary) and issue a appointment decision for the conformity certification organizations according to the form specified in Annex 4 issued with this Circular. The effective time limit of decision on appointment does not exceed three (03) year.

This Circular takes effect on May 20, 2013

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