With the high level of risk from the purchase of land for the project, when the new project starts to have a construction permit, or if the project is just beginning to fill the ground, the participation of lawyers are very necessary.

Consultacy on land law, housing and real estate

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Minh Khue Law Firm provides consultancy and implementation of real estate and property consultancy services as follows:


1. Consultancy and formulation of real estate investment projects;

2. Consultancy on the legal status of the project file for the construction of urban area, residential area, office ...;

3. Consultancy on procedures for capital contribution, investment cooperation, procedures for the purchase and sale of real estate to be formed in the future;

4. Counseling and evaluating legal documents in real estate transactions: transfer, transfer, donation, lease ...;

5. Consultancy on procedures for land lease, land use change, transfer, investment cooperation in real estate projects.

6. Counseling and arranging finance for real estate projects.

7. Introduce the location of the project.

8. Counseling, explaining and communicating to Real Estate Enterprise Employees the legal status of real estate;

9. Counseling,, explaining, communicating to clients of real estate business about the legal status of the property they want to buy.

10. Connecting real estate investors with each other and with people in need.


1. Purchase and sale contract: Counseling and drafting the contract of sale, donation of the real estate

2. Will, divorced documents: Counseling and drafting, witness testament, land division documents

3. Transferring the name of the Certificate of Land use right: Service for Transferring the name of the Certificate of Land use right, identify and complete the financial obligations;

4. Division of Certificate of Land use right: Certificate of Land use right Service, identification and fulfillment of financial obligations;

5. Certificate of Land use right Service reissue: Certificate of Land use right Service due to loss or damage


1. Issue land registration: Apply for land use certificate for land, land without book

2. Change of Land use purpose: Services request to change land use purpose from agricultural land to service land, or housing land.

3. Reclaiming land: land of individual, family households borrowed by the State, transferred to the cooperative ...;

4. Solicitor for Land dispute: Lawyer involved in litigation at the Court of First Instance, Appeal;

5. Cases of cassation or retrial: for land cases strictly according to law provisions.

Translated from: Tư vấn luật đất đai, nhà ở và bất động sản

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