1. Counseling on the development of the regulations of the Board of General Directors, the Board of Directors:

Main contents that lawyers, management consultants of Minh Khue Law Firm will carry out:

- Counseling on the structure of the executive apparatus;

- Develop regulations on the legal responsibility of the Director/General Director and the executive apparatus;

- Advice on the standards of the Director/General Director;

- Develop regulations on the rights and obligations of the Director/General Director;

- Advising and guiding the authorization in exercising the rights and obligations of the Director/General Director;

- Building the relationship between the Director/General Director and the Board of Members/Control Board;

- To set up conditions for the appointment and dismissal of deputy directors/deputy directors;

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- To set up the functions, tasks and powers of the head of the company;

- Establishing the relationship between the Board of Directors and Heads of departments.

- Other relevant content.

2. Consultancy on the development of the Regulation on the Board of Directors - Board of Members

The content of works provided by our Senior Management Consultant:

- Determination of legal responsibilities of the Board of Directors - Board of Members;

- To set up the tasks and powers of the Board of Directors - Board of Members;

- To formulate the working principles of the Board of Directors - Board of Members;

- To formulate a plan on the structure of members and the change of members of the Board of Directors - Board of Members;

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- Building up the organizational structure of the assisting apparatus of the Board of Directors - the Board of Members;

- Establishing the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Board of Members with the General Director and the Control Board;

- Build plans for the implementation of the meetings of the Board of Directors - the Board of Members;

- Analyze and develop a plan of the funding source for operation of the Board of Directors - the Board of Members.

3. Consultancy on developing salary and bonus regulations


- The payment of salaries and bonuses to individuals and sections in order to encourage the employees to work well, fulfill their jobs according to their titles and make important contributions to the completion of the production and business plan of the Company.

- Ensuring the life for staffs The company is assured of the work, meeting the basic living standards of Company employees.

- To comply with the provisions of the labor legislation on salary and allowances for laborers.

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The content of works Minh Khue Law Firm counsels employers:

3.1. Labor classification:

3.2. Wage calculation methods of wage payment:

- Salary calculation;

- Paying time, contracting;

- Ranks and grades;

Calculate and pay:

- The calculation of wages for employees based on the time worked on the timekeeping card, is compared with the timesheet when necessary.

- The calculation of salaries is based on the principle of accurate data, ensuring the paid time for workers in accordance with regulations.

- The employees receive monthly salary slips, can be compared with the total payroll kept by the head of the department (copy).

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- Salaries paid to laborers. Once a month, on the 5th to the 10th of the month. For product wages, paid in two, each payment after the settlement of the quantity on the 15th, 30th of the month, the product wage is paid not later than 7 days after the date of settlement.

Regimes and procedures for salary increase:

- Regarding the salary increase considerations: Each year, the company leaders pay a salary increase for employees in the 04 months of the year.

- Deadline and subjects eligible for salary increase: employees who have full one year of age are entitled to a salary (From the next payroll date to the date of the new salary). With condition that they do not violate the internal rules of labor, not be disciplined from the form of reprimand in writing or more. Employees who have violations cannot be considered for salary increase. In the following years, the wage increase shall be considered, provided that the labor discipline is not repeated.

- The unregular salary increase is applied for the employees who worked well, excellent tasks assigned by the head of the department.

- Salary increase procedure: Attend and sign for approval of salary increase. The human resources department checks and sums up the list of employees who have enough salary. Send the list down to the units, to consult with the facility leaders. After that, the HR department will schedule and submit to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, the HR Office will make a decision to submit to the Director for official signing, and invite employees who are entitled to raise salary to hand over the Decision. For employees who are not considered salary increase, explain to employees.

- The rate of increase for each salary grade is from 10% to 20% of the current salary, depending on the company's business results in the year.

And other related work

4. Consultancy on the development of management regulations and executive relations

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The charter of the enterprise recognizes the agreement of the members of the enterprise, recognizes the provisions of the law into the enterprise itself, however, specific issues of the organizational structure and administration of the enterprise are not always specified in the charter. Consequently, the regulation of management organization and executive relations is a complement to that deficiency and is the legal basis for corporate governance.

The content of lawyers and senior management counsel in our management:

- Analyze the actual management model of enterprises and counsel, set up appropriate organizational structure models: Board of Directors, functional divisions, offices, workshops, factories ...;

- Analyze and develop the management functions of the company;

- To set up the specific functions and tasks of each department, division, production workshop and business establishments;

- Building the tasks and powers of managers and relations in running the company;

- Establish direct, indirect and coordinated direct relationships between the management staff of the Company, including the General Director, the Deputy General Directors of the Company;

- Establish working relationships within the Company;

- And other relevant content.

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5. Counsel to develop social welfare regulations:

Social welfare is a system of policies and measures designed to both protect workers' minimum living standards from the risks and impacts of economic, social and environmental damage; It also contributes to improving the material and spiritual life of laborers. This will help enterprises to implement their human resource development plan while maintaining their production and business plans.

The content of works provided by lawyers and management consultants of Minh Khue Law Firm:

I - Allowances

1. Responsibility allowance: The management level is entitled to monthly liability, with a bonus of 10% of basic salary.

2. Working trip allowances

II - Allowances

1. Telephone allowance: give employees regular work outside to serve the work.

2. Retirement allowances: Each working year shall be entitled to a 50% monthly salary subsidy based on the latest monthly salary;

3. Waiting allowance;

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4. The holidays are fully paid;

5. Other benefits;

III- Bonus regime

1. Bonus year-end;

2. Weekly Bonus: Weekly based on performance appraisal of the Head of the production Department to make a performance appraisal. The evaluation form will be forwarded to the HR Office for assessing and then transferred to the company's director for approval as a basis for rewarding laborers.

3. Holiday bonus 30/4 & 1/5, National Day, New Year's Day;

4. Long-term Bonus;

5. Revenue Bonus;

Sales Department receives the percentage of monthly turnover, in case of over-sales, the Sales Dept. reports the revenue and allowance for each staff to submit to the Board for approval and transfer to the Department of Planning to pay with the monthly salary.

The above is the content of the regulations on the payment of wages, bonuses, allowances, which are commonly applied to most companies and corporations operating under the Enterprise Law. However, Minh Khue Law Firm still considers, classifies and adjusts to suit the requirements as well as the model of each customer.

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