One of the important investment forms of in Vietnam is a joint venture company (Company with 100% foreign investment in Vietnam). Minh Khue Law Firm is one of the companies providing provide legal services in establishing this type of enterprise.

As for joint venture, the investors must take a deep consideration on the legal regulations, investment environment as well as related procedures. In this field, Minh Khue Law Firm provides the following consulting servies:

1. Consultancy before establishment

+ Consultancy on business model and organizational structure for the joint venture companies;

+ Consultancy on legal regulations related to the investor’s business field

+ Consultancy on legal regulations on investment, headquarter location and project location

+ Legal consultancy on tax regulations;

+ Consultancy on legal regulation of investment incentives;

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+ Legal consultancy on VISA procedure of of the foreign investors

+ Consultancy on relevant legal issues

+ Charter capital / statutory capital (Appropriate to each business field and type of business);

- Consutancy on internal issues (Business model, organizational structure, mode of operation and administration, relationship among management titles, rights and obligations of the members,, rate and method of capital contribution and other related issue);

- Prepare the documents on investment certificate adjustment: Consulting and complete minutes of the meeting of the founding members before adjusting, Decision adjusted, amended, the investor's decision about the adjustment and the other relevant documents;

2. Work completion as authorized

Minh Khue law firm will perform the works under the authorization at the State competent agencies to apply for the investment certificate adjustment. Content specific works:

- Represent the clients to submit, withdraw, and receive the investment certificate at Department of Planning and Investment;

- Follow the procedures and the results

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- Receive the investment certificate at Department of Planning and Investment;

- Conduct the procedures for submitting seal registration document and help contact for seal engraving in the competent bodies

- Apply for tax registration

3. Consultancy after investment certificates:

Minh Khue Law Firm will consult and support the following issues:

+ Consultancy on business start (The required works for a new business, the first step of branding consistency);
+ Provide legal documents as requested (via email);

- Draft internal documents,: Charter, Ninutes of capital contribution, president election, legal representatives election, Decision on director appointment, Decision on chief accountant appointment, Share ownership certificate, shareholders and so on.

Translated from: Tư vấn thành lập công ty liên doanh tại Việt Nam


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