Step 1: Define the right to bring a lawsuit:

- Determining the legal status of the petitioner as provided in the Civil Procedure Code;

- Whether the case has been resolved by a legally enforceable judgment or decision;
- Whether the object of lawsuit is the right object
Step 2: Prepare the lawsuit files

- Petition (according to set form);
- The papers and documents accompanying the petition include the following documents:
+ Documents define the legal person status of the petitioner, such as business registration certificate, establishment decision, charter, etc.;
+ Documents determine the representative status of the person signing the lawsuit: appointment decision, election record, authorization letter, etc.;
+ Documents evidencing the petitioner's request:
  • For contractual disputes: Contract documents, appendixes, invoices, receipt ... relating to the process of goods delivery, service provision and payment, official letters and documents. exchanged with each other ...
  • For company disputes: Company charter, list of members; The minutes of election of titles and records of valuation of assets contributed as capital; Minutes of management meetings; Management decisions related to disputed relations ...

Step 3: Filing a lawsuit at the court

+ The file has been prepared can be filed in two ways, directly at the Court or by post.

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+ Payment of court fee in advance
Step 4: Carry out the necessary procedures after the court issues a notice of acceptance of the case
+ Conciliation at the court;
+ Write self-declaration;
+ Participating in the court session when the decision to bring the case to trial.

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