Because of various reasons, many people come to us with prescription for compaints or prosecution which have been already expireed. Usually, complaints cannot be responded to or cases cannot be handled at court. If clients come to us right from the beginning, the above problems would not only be avoided but there would be more time for collection and consolidation of evidence, for careful preparation for each stage of case, as such there would be much more chance of success

MINH KHUE LAW lawyers defend clients in various administrative cases related to the followings:
- Administrative infringements;
- Enforcing demolition of houses, buildings and architectural structures;
- Taxation, tax collection and land use fee collection;
- Intellectual property and technology transfer; - Investment;
- Land grant, lease, withdrawal, requisition and land use purpose transfer;
- Land compensation, clearance, re-settlement, granting or withdrawing land use certificate, extending land use period

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