Over the years, with the economic development of country, the land is always considered one of the most important resources and for households, individuals of enterprises, the land is always one of the largest and important assets. The land relationship is always latent with the contradictions that may rise, legal disputes may break out. To ensure that Honoured guest can resolve the disputes under the current provisions of Land Law, out of supplying services, we implement the consultant activities, supply directly through switchboard 1900.6162 . We also support to answer the problems that Honoured guest wonders in the field of land.

Consultancy of Land Law online

Content of Consultancy of Land Law Online:

1. Consultancy of procedures for registration of land use rights:

  • Consultancy about preparing the registration records;
  • Consultancy about order and procedures for registration;
  • Consultancy about supplying legal consultant services in the field of land

2. Consultancy of procedures for change of land use purposes:

  • Consultancy about preparing the records;
  • Consultancy about order and procedures for change;
  • Consultancy about other relevant legal problems.

3. Consultancy for transfer of land use rights:

  • Consultancy about preparing, drafting the contracts (transfer, donation,...) to land use rights, drafting will to be split the heirs that are land use rights...
  • Consultancy about order and procedures for transfer ownership;
  • Supply consultancy services to perform the requirement to transfer ownership for customers.

4. Consultancy of compensation and ground clearance when issuing a decision on land recovery

5. Take part in instituting legal proceedings when arising disputes of land

6. Consultancy about other legal problems in accordance with the requirement of customers

With the professional, experienced and prestigious lawyer staffs, we hope that we can answer the wonders of customers.

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