- Disputes arising in business and commercial activities between individuals and organizations having business registrations with each other and for-profit purposes, including:

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+ Buying and selling goods;

+ Service provision;
+ Distribution;
+ Representative, agent;
+ Deposited;
+ Rent, lease, hire purchase;
+ Construction;
+ Cargo and passenger transportation by rail, road, inland waterway;
+ Carriage of goods, passengers by air or sea;
+ Investment;
- Disputes over intellectual property rights, technology transfer between individuals and organizations and all for-profit purposes;
- Disputes between the company and the members of the company, among the members of the company, relating to the establishment, operation, dissolution, merger, consolidation, division, separation or transformation of the form. the organization of the company;
- Other business and commercial disputes which are prescribed by law;
- The requirements related to the Vietnamese commercial arbitration in settling disputes according to the provisions of the legislation on commercial arbitration;
- To request the recognition and enforcement in Vietnam of a foreign court's judgment or decision, or not to recognize a foreign court's business or commercial judgment or decision without a request implementation in Vietnam;
- Request for recognition and enforcement in Vietnam of business and commercial decisions of foreign arbitrators;
- Other business and commercial requirements as prescribed by law.

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