Minh Khue Law Firm is committed to providing clients with consulting services to transform the company with the guarantee of service quality, legal guarantee.

1. Counsel legal regulations on transformation of company type

- Consultancy on converting limited liability companies into joint-stock companies;
- Advising the conversion of joint-stock companies into limited liability companies;
- Advising the conversion of joint-stock companies into one-member limited liability companies;
- Consultancy on converting two-member limited liability companies into joint-stock companies;
- Consultancy on converting one-member limited liability companies into limited liability companies with two or more members;
- Advising the conversion of private enterprises into limited liability companies.

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2. Process of converting the company type
Step 1: Make a procedure plan for the work
Responsibilities of Minh Khue Law Firm:
- Evaluation of the clients' request;
- Make detailed plans for the implementation of the work and the fee schedule;
- Notify the client.
Responsibilities of clients:
- Refer to process, fee schedule;
- Confirming requests for work done by mail;
Step 2: Agree on the consulting contract
Based on the plan, fee schedule and content agreement and implementation phases, the two parties shall sign the consultancy contract.
Step 3: Implement the transformation of the company type
The contents of the two parties will discuss:
- Procedures for approving the transformation of the type of company;
- The time limit and conditions for transfer of assets, shares, bonds and bonds of the company shall be converted into assets, shares, bonds, and contributed capital portions of the transformed company;
- Labour plan;
- Time limit for conversion;
- Agree on the contents of the charter of the transforming company;
Minh Khue law firm completed the dossier conversion company type:
- Minutes of the meeting;
- Decision on the conversion;
- Drafting of documents: Request for conversion, List of members/shareholders, Charter of the company;
- Other necessary documents;
Minh Khue Law Firm represents the clients to carry out conversion procedures:
- Applying for change of business registration at Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitoring the processing and notification of the submitted dossiers;
- Receive the business registration certificate with the Department of Planning and Investment (the representative of the company present with the Minh Khue Law Firm to receive the business registration certificate);
+ Get the company seal;
+ Submit the Notification of the seal sample at the Business Registration Office;

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