In the form of a joint venture, investors need to thoroughly understand the laws, investment environment as well as related procedures. In this regard, Minh Khue Law Firm specifically advised as follows:

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1. Pre-established consultancy

+ Corporate model and organizational structure of the joint venture;

+ Legal advice relating to the business sector of investors;
+ Consult legal regulations on investment capital and locations of the company's head office and location of the project;
+ Legal advice on tax;
+ Legal advice on investment incentives;
+ Legal advice relating to the immigration of foreign investors;
+ Consult other relevant legal regulations;
+ Charter capital/legal capital (suitable to each business line and type of enterprise);
+ Consulting on issues related to the internal business (model and organizational structure, operation and management methods, relations between managerial positions, rights and obligations of shareholders, capital and method of capital contribution, other relevant contents).
Completing the dossier for the establishment of an enterprise or investment project, including: Consulting and reimbursement of the Minutes of the founding meetings before the establishment of enterprises; application for investment registration; List of shareholders, Letter of authority, and other related papers.
2. Perform the tasks under authorization
Minh Khue Law Firm performs the work under the authorization of the client at the competent State agencies for investment registration as required. Contents of work to be performed:
+ Representing clients to submit, withdraw and receive investment registration dossiers at the provincial/municipal Department of Planning and Investment and concerned agencies;
+ To monitor the process of handling and notify the results of the submitted dossiers;
+ Receive Certificate of Investment (Employees of Minh Khue Law Firm will be with the owner of the company present at the Department of Planning and Investment to carry out the above);
+ Carrying out the procedures for notifying the usage of the seal sample dossiers and contacting the seal making for enterprises;
+ Receive seal sample certificate and company seal;
3. Post-establishment Consultant:
Minh Khue Law Firm will assist and advise clients on the following issues:
+ Consultancy for start-up (The necessary works of a new business, the first step to build a unified brand);
+ Providing legal documents (via email);
+ To compile internal dossiers of enterprises, including: the charter, the minutes on capital contribution to found the company, the election of the chairman, the appointment of the representative at law, the decision on the appointment of the director, the decision on the appointment of the chief accountant , Certificate of ownership, shareholder / shareholder register, notification of shareholders/members;
+ Providing guidance and support to issues relating to Taxation and Accounting in the initial period after its establishment.

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