Minh Khue Law Firm is the first choice when you are looking for the consulting and settlement agency for the labot dispute. We support a variety of comprehensive legal services in the field of labor and employment in Vietnam.

Minh Khue Law Firm gives consultancy and participate in proceedings for the labor cases as follows:

1. Online legal constultancy service on general provisions on labor law: labor standards; rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees, employers, organizations, labor collectives, representative organizations in labor relations and other relations directly related labor relations; State’s labor management over labor;

2. Legal consultancy on job and job creation

3. Legal consultancy service on labor contract, includes:

+ Regulation on the labor contract;

+ Regulation on the labor contract implementation;

+ Regulation on the amendment, supplementation and termination of labor contracts;

+ Regulations on ineffective labor contract;

+ Regulations on labor sublease.

4. Online legal consultancy on wages, working time, rest time, holidays, personal leave, unpaid leave and so on

5. Lawyers to consult and setle the individual labor disputes between employees and employers in the following cases: layoffs, unilateral termination of the labor contract, damage compensation between employees and employers, benefits upon termination of labor contracts, social insurance under the provisions of labor law, compensation for damages between employees and labor export enterprises;

6. Collective labor disputes between employee groups and employers: rights and interests relating to employment, wages, income and other labor conditions; the implementation of collective agreements; the right to take part in labor trade activities; the other labor disputes as regulated by law.

7. Legal consultancy on labor discipline and material responsibility.

8. Legal consultancy on occupational safety, occupational accidents, occupational diseases and labor accidents and occupational disease preventation;

9. Legal consultancy on female employees, minor employees, old employees and employees with disabilities

10. Legal consultancy on social insurance, trade union;

11. Legal consultancy on Vietnamese employees to work abroad, work for foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam;

12. Legal consultancy on apprenticeship and vocational training;

13. Legal consultancy on collective labor agreements, corporate collective labor agreements, sectors’ corporate collective labor agreements

14. Online consultancy on contractual dispute and dispute settlement

15. Requests of recognizing and enforcing the cases in Vietnam, labor decsion of foreign court ; Requests of non-recognizing and enforcing the cases in Vietnam, labor decsion of foreign court and non-enforcing the cases in Vietnam

16. Requests of recognizing and enforcing the cases in Vietnam, labor management of foreign court;

17. Other requirements for labor law provisions.

18. Consultancy on the legal provisions relating to labor issues.

Translated from: vấn pháp luật lao động