- ISO 9002:2008 | Quality Management System (QMS) - International quality standards applicable to management systems

- ISO ISO 14000 | Environmental Management System (EMS) – International quality standards apply to environment

- ISO 13485: 2003 | Medical Devices QMS – International quality standards apply to medical devices and instruments

- OHSAS/ISO18001 | Occupation Health and Safety Management System - International standard for occupational health and safety management systems

- SA 8000 | Social Accountability – International standard for social responsibility management requirements

- ISO/TS 16949:2002 | Automotive QMS – International standards applicable to manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry

- ISO 27001 | Information Security Management System – International standard for information security systems

- HACCP | Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – International standard for hazard analysis and control of critical points for food products

- BRC | Global Food Standard - A food standard issued by BRC (British Retailers' Association)

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- IFS | International Food Standard - An international food standard issued by the Association of Retailers in Germany and France

- GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices standards apply to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries issued by the US Food and Drug Administration

- CMM – Model of software production capacity assessment issued by the American Institute of Software Engineering

- ISO/IEC 17025 - International standard for general requirements for laboratory capacity

- Six Sigma - The methodology of process improvement base on statistic.

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1. Phase 1: Survey

The specialist interviews department staff, investigates current management practices.

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The specialist counsel to prepare a Project Plan and Survey Report stating that the current management status of the Company in comparison with the requirements of the standard and the work required to meet the standards.

2. Phase 2: Cognitive training

Course 1: Awareness of quality management and requirements of ISO 9001: 2000

Course 2: Method of compiling the document system
- Types of documentation required for each system
- Form and content needed
- Method of document management
3. Phase 3: Guidance on the development of the document system
The consultant will:
- Guide to analyze the activities of enterprises to develop areas/stages that are not controlled or controlled but not well
- Guidance on how to control the detected problems
- A guide on how to document the regulations to control the detected problems
- Check the suitability of the document system compiled by the enterprise against the standard
4. Phase 4: Consultancy on the application of the system
The consultant will:
· Guide to control the distribution of documentation to relevant departments/individuals
· Support to explain the contents of the regulations to the relevant departments/individuals
· Guide the adjustment of the document system to suit the actual operation of the business
· Instruct departmental units to apply materials to actual operation and record.
5. Stage 5: Training the internal assessors
Course 3: Training of internal assessors
· How to organize an evaluation
· Assessment steps
· Assessment skills
· Fix after evaluation
· Teamwork skill
6. Phase 6: Internal Assessment
The consultant will:
· Evaluate the built-in management system of the enterprise
· Guiding / transferring skills needed for the Company's team of assessors
· Guide the enterprises to overcome the shortcomings in the process of implementing the system. Gradually improve the level of system application has been built.
7. Stage 7: Assessment of certification
- Guide the enterprise to understand the methodology of expert certification
- Support to explain issues that arise during the certification review process
- Invites third parties for certification reviews. The consultant will pay the cost of the assessment to the certification body. Guide the company in meeting the requirements of annual monitoring and evaluation. The ISO certificate after receipt will be valid for 3 years and after one year the certifying organization will return to the inspection the organization once to assist the Company in maintaining and improving the quality system. On the other hand, to ensure that the system is operating properly and sufficiently. After 3 years of initial certificate expiration, the certifying organization will evaluate and grant new certificate.

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