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a. Legal consultancy on conversion of business type:

- Consultancy of conversion from sole proprietorships into limited liability company;
- Consultancy the conversion from one member limited liability company to limited liability company with two or more members and vice versa;
- Consultancy the conversion of limited liability company into joint stock company and vice versa;
b. Documents for conversion of type of business
- The written request for the conversion of type of the enterprise;
- Charter of the company after the conversion;
- List of founding members/shareholders (depending on each specific case of transformation);
- The contract of transfer of capital contribution/share (depending on each specific case);
- Minutes and decisions of the transformed enterprise;
- The other relevant papers.
c. Carrying out procedures for establishment of an enterprise due to reorganization:
- Apply for the establishment of an enterprise at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitoring and promptly processing the dossiers submitted to customers;
- Together with customers receiving business registration certificates;
- Filing and completing the seal making process for customers;
- Together with customers receiving seal and sample seal registration.

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