1. The definition of the partnership:

A partnership means an enterprise of which has at least 02 partners are co-owner of the company who run business together in a common name (hereinafter referred to as general partner). Apart from general partners, the company may have contributing partners;

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2. The order of providing consultancy services on the establishment of the partnership:

- After receiving the requests of clients on the selection of the form of enterprise intended to establish, Minh Khue Law Firm will send the basic information on: Price list of the establishment of the company; Draft contract; Consultancy process for clients by Email so clients will have a basic information about consulting services;

- Clients provide information according to information request form (MKLAW FIRM's form);

- Minh Khue Law Firm will send a consultancy letter directly via email about the legal information provided by the customer;

- After agreeing on the basic content of the establishment of the company. We will schedule a meeting to counsel directly at the office or at your request.

- To prepare the dossier to establish company according to customers requests;

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- The experts shall carry out the procedures as prescribed in the signed two-party contract;

3. Method of conducting the consultancy on the establishment of the company:

After completing the dossier, we will register the establishment of partnership at the Planning and Investing Department of the city where the enterprise is located.

4. Composition and number of dossiers:

a / Composition of the dossier, including:

1. Request for enterprise registration.

2. Draft Charter of the Company;

3. List of members;

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4. A copy of one of the lawful certification papers:

- Valid ID card or passport valid for individuals;

- Establishment decision/business registration certificate of the organization and accompanying document of personal certification, authorization decision of the authorized representative of the organization;

b) Number of dossiers: 01 (sets)

5. Receive and transfer the results:

Employees of Minh Khue Law Firm will receive the results of the dossier on the behalf of the client under the contract signed between the two parties.

Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn thành lập công ty hợp danh

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