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We provide the following services:

- Negotiating and advising on the implementation of contracts;

- Consultancy, drafting and reviewing international trade promotion contracts, international trade brokerage contracts and international commercial agency contracts;
- Consultancy, drafting and inspecting the international purchase and sale contract, import-export contract;
- Consultancy, drafting and reviewing processing contracts and assembling;
- Consultancy, drafting and reviewing technical support contracts;
- Consultancy, drafting and inspecting export-import entrustment contracts;
- Consultancy, drafting and reviewing contracts for carriage of goods by sea and air;
- Negotiation and management of letters of credit (l / C), Escrow accounts;
- Consultancy on registration procedures for certificates of origin, quality of export-import goods;
- Consultancy on the procedures for issuing import-export permits;
- Consultancy on the implementation of customs procedures and tax;
- Consultancy on procedures for setting up representative offices in Vietnam;
- Consulting and representing clients in arbitration proceedings, litigation in commercial matters.
Tax consultancy: Tax issues are always the top concern of enterprises. Hence effective tax administration has important implications for the success of any investment plan. However, not only foreign investors but also domestic investors face a complicated tax environment in Vietnam, so they need advice from tax experts.
Minh Khue Law Firm has a team of outstanding tax experience consultants in customer support in tax planning, domain support - tax reduction, tax reporting and monthly financial reporting, according to quarterly and yearly, contact the tax authorities and comply with Vietnam's tax obligations.
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