Intellectual property is not just patent, industrial design, trademark or copyright, it was fundamental to build and establish the essential and other basic assets in every sector business. Nowadays, how a company identifies, registers and protects his achievement is a strategic issue in the market, not only in Vietnam but also on a broader scope, in order to create and maintain the competitiveness of their own companies. We understand this and we can help you to register, protect and use intellectual property effectively.

We have a team of intellectual property lawyers who have not only a wealth of knowledge in the field of intellectual property law in Vietnam, but also are experienced in the marketplace. With this team, we can assist clients in establishing, maintaining and enforcing the intellectual property rights in, from and to Vietnam. We provide practical advices with high quality, as well as other required services during registration process of intellectual property rights. Not merely information the arising issues and the consequences, we offer our clients solutions. Above all, our team is considered as the top choice in the field of commercialization of intellectual property rights in Vietnam.

Intellectual Property Consulting Lawyers via Hotline ( 24/7 ): 1900.6162

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Consulting service of licensing and technology transfer

We consult and assist clients in determining the possibility of protection, advice on registration procedures and other procedures in order to gain the maximum advantage in the maintenance and protection of rights. Our services in this area include:

+ Analyzing and reporting company’s legal situation relating to intellectual property rights (including the detected violations, analyzing the possibility of registration and effectiveness of rights, assessing the risks of intellectual property, etc ..);

+ The cross-border and multinational transactions (including licensing, commercial franchising relating to intellectual property rights, sale of intellectual property rights, distribution, transfer of technology, securing privacy intellectual Property, etc.);

+ Other services (relating to consumer goods, food and beverages, trade secrets, data protection, etc.).

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Translated from: Luật vấn Li-xăng, chuyển giao công Nghệ


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