Our consulting services include, but not limited to the following issues :

1. Inheritance - Testament:

- Testament drafting service;

- Consultancy on settling inheritance issues ;

- Litigation lawyer at the court on inheritance issues

2. Civil contract:

- Service of consulting, drafting civil contract, asset sales contract, house sales contract

- Consultancy on settlling the contract disputes.

- Litigation lawyer at court on the contract violation issues, contractual compensation, compensation for non-contractual damages

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3. Property Right Dispute:

- Legal consultancy of the property rights dispute

- Litigation lawyer at Court on the property rights dispute

4. Deal dispute

5. Other civil disputes as regulated by law

6. Instructon of the procedures and procedureconditions in civil cases .
* In addition, we also consult civil cases:
1. Request to declare a person without capacity of civil acts , with limited capacity of civil acts ; cancel the decision to declare a person without capacity of civil acts or decisions to declare limited capacity of civil actions .
2. Request to find a  person who are absent at the residence and manage his assets .
3. Request to declare a missing person , cancel the decision to declare a missing person.
4. Request to declare a dead person, cancel the decision to declare a dead person.

5. Other civil request as regulated by law.

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