In order to limit unfortunate risks that may occur while the company's owner, legal representative can prevent risks through trademark registration, copyright registration of the logo company; recognizing the importance of this issue, Minh Khue Law Firm provides free legal advisory services through online call center 1900.6162 and lawyer services for trademark registration, copyright of company logos via the phone number: 1900.6162 - Lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung with the most prestigious, quality, professional service.

First of all, it is necessary and important to register a trademark, copyright of a company logo because of the demand for market development, fierce competition between companies and enterprises. Vietnam's economy in the integration period. Brand or company logo is the concern, trust from customers, partners, consumers for the company because just mentioning that brand or logo, they will immediately identify products / services provided by which company.
Next, in addition to objective factors from the impact of the market economy, the registration of trademark and registration of company logo copyright will bring a multitude of benefits beneficial to businesses and companies, Typical as:
- The owner of the brand, the company logo is entitled to use the trademark and logo that he / she has registered to protect;
- Being protected by competent state agencies to protect legitimate rights under the provisions of law;
- Having right, by themselves or through a competent authority, to request other individuals, agencies and organizations to terminate the use of company trademarks and logos without permission;
- Trademark registration, copyright of the company logo is the basis for resolving disputes when there are disputes arising;
- Partners, customers will identify the company brand, company logo compared to other companies, contributing to affirm trust for customers and partners for the company;

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- Company brand, company logo is one of the methods to promote the company simply, save cost but achieve high efficiency.
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Lawyer Le Minh Truong - Managing Director of Minh Khue Law Firm
Instructions on the benefits of trademark registration
Minh Khue Law Firm provides free legal consultancy services for trademark registration via call center: 1900.6162 with the following consultancy contents:
- Consultancy for clients to understand the benefits that only after registering a trademark can bring it;
- Advising on the provisions of law, thereby guiding clients to design a suitable brand for their company;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on how to search and assess the ability to distinguish the brand the company intends to register;
- Advice and guide the client in detail to prepare trademark registration documents;
- Advising on competent state agencies to register trademark rights under the provisions of law;
- Counsel the order and procedures for trademark registration;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the time of trademark registration, the notes in the process of trademark registration to save time for businesses;
- Advising on the provisions of the current law on the cost of trademark registration, the cost of providing trademark registration services;
- Counsel legal provisions on other relevant legal issues at the request of clients.

Tư vấn đăng ký bản quyền thương hiệu, đăng ký bản quyền logo công ty

Legal issues that free legal advice of Minh Khue via free online call center 1900.6162 includes:
- Counsel the advantages and disadvantages of registering the company logo copyright;
- Counsel and answer clients' problems before, during and after registering the company logo copyright;
- Advise and guide clients on ideas, create a logo that can distinguish them from other company logos that have been registered for protection;
- Consulting on files, order and procedures for registering copyright of company logo;
- Advise and guide clients to handle arising problems / errors if any by competent state agencies;
- Legal advice to have a basis to implement the process of registering the company logo quickly, economically and effectively;
- Counsel all legal issues related to copyright registration of company logos as required by customers.
In addition to free legal advice on trademark, copyright registration of company logos, Minh Khue Law also provides other legal advisory services in all fields: Marriage and family counseling, Civil law consultancy, Criminal law consultancy, Labor law - Social insurance consultancy, Corporate - Bidding - Investment law consultancy, Legal advice on administrative sanctions , military service, traffic, ...
Clients please immediately call the call center: 1900.6162 then select the appropriate key to be able to connect to experienced lawyers, legal counselors with deep expertise in areas where clients need advice to answer clients' problems!
When clients want to use the trademark registration, copyright registration service of Minh Khue Law Firm, we will provide legal services to clients with the following jobs:
- Exclusive brand preliminary or specialized search according to the service package that clients use. The team of lawyers, senior experts of Minh Khue Law will conduct a search, appraise the discrimination of the brand, the company logo that the client provides us, from which we will make the determination direction and advice so that clients can adjust their brands and company logos in accordance with the provisions of law and in accordance with the needs of clients;
- Prepare and complete the trademark registration dossier, register the company logo copyright. Clients only need to provide the company logo that they intend to register copyright, information related to the owner of the brand such as company name, business code, head office address, information legal representative, ... and all the remaining documents we will complete for customers;
- Apply on behalf of clients to the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property, monitor the progress of the trademark / company copyright registration application. Immediately notify the client when requested to amend, supplement and readjust some of the information in the trademark / company copyright registration application at the request of the specialist;
- On behalf of clients to pay state fees, fees for granting protection titles in accordance with regulations to complete procedures for trademark registration, copyright of company logo;
- Represent clients to receive protection titles and transfer protection titles directly to customers.
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5. Benefits of using Minh Khue Law Firm's service

Trademark, copyright registration of the company logo always requires highly specialized expertise, seasoned in preparing documents, submitting applications properly, sufficiently and accurately. The order of the law, from which to register the trademark / logo of the company quickly, efficiently and economically.
Minh Khue Law Firm as a representative organization of industrial property, with a team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals have successfully registered for hundreds of brand names / company logos. When using our services, you will receive the following outstanding benefits:
- High Quality, prestige, guarantee, professional service;
- Being provided service by a team of experienced lawyers with high expertise in the field of Intellectual Property;
- Full service, dedicated service attitude, enthusiasm;
- Reasonable service cost, suitable for all clients;
- Supporting and resolving disputes arising before, during and after registering trademark rights, registering company logo copyright.
>> With these benefits, please contact 1900.6162 immediately to request service!
We hope to receive your service request soon!
Best regards./.
Intellectual Property Department - Minh Khue Law Company

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