Nowadays, foreign languages are very necessary for all economic, social and cultural aspects. Therefore, the demand for access to and training foreign languages is increasing and popular with all ages and subjects. There are many clients who need to set up foreign language centers, but they do not know what the conditions are. In the following, Minh Khue Law Firm will provide some conditions for the establishment of foreign language centers in accordance with the current law.

Decree No. 46/2017/ND-CP is the latest Decree which has been in effect since April 1, 2017. However, this Decree is not yet specific as follows:

"Conditions for establishment, allowing the establishment of foreign language centers, information technology:

1. Being in line with the socio-economic development plannings and the plannings on the network of educational centers in localities already approved by competent state management agencies.

2. Schemes for setting up foreign language and information technology centers need to clearly define: objectives, tasks, programs and contents of training; land, facilities, equipment, proposed location, organizational structure, resources and finance; strategic direction to build and develop the center."

At present, there is no Circular which specifically guides and replaces Circular 03/2011/TT-BGDDT. Therefore, you can refer to Circular 03/2011/TT-BGDDT detailing the terms and conditions of staff of the Foreign Language Center as follows:

Pursuant to Article 23 of Circular 03/2011/TT-BGDDT:

"Article 23. Director of Foreign Language and Informatics Technology Center

1. The director of the center must have a good ethical, moral and managerial qualification, have graduated from a university degree in foreign languages or computer science and have worked in the education sector for at least 3 years and is appointed by the state agencies which have power to decide on the establishment of the center (for public foreign language, information technology centers) or recognited (for private foreign language and information technology centers).

2. The Director of the Foreign Language and Information Technology Centers shall be the person in charge and responsible before the law and the superior managing agency for all activities of the center. The term of office of the Director of Foreign Language and Information Technology Centers is 5 years.

3. For private oreign language and information technology centers, the age of the center director when appointed for the first time is not over 65 years old.

In accordance with the above-mentioned rules, if you want to be a director of a foreign language center, you need to have a university degree in the foreign language that your center intended to teach, have worked in education sector for at least 3 years; In addition, your center also needs to meet the conditions of facilities, material, and qualifications, experience of teaching teachers.

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