- Inventions if they meet the following conditions: novelty, creativeness and capable of industrially applicable;

- Utility solution patent if it is not common knowledge and meets the conditions: novelty and industrially applicable.

According to the Law on Intellectual Property, not all aspects of technology are subject to patent protection. For example, inventions, scientific theories, mathematical methods, computer programs, ways of representing information on methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases for humans and animals ... are not protected with the patent title.

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According to the Law on Intellectual Property, the rights to inventions are established on the basis of the decision on the grant of protection titles by the National Office of Intellectual Property. Persons wishing to enjoy the right to an invention must file an application for a protection title and submit it to the National Office of Intellectual Property.

Minh Khue Law Firm provides patent registration services, specifically:

- Counseling, researching, assessing the usability, registration of protection of inventions/utility solutions in Vietnam and abroad;

- Complete the application file for the protection of the invention (translate the document or write a description of the invention and request for protection, prepare drawings, make declarations, representations) on behalf of the clients in filing the application. Apply for a certificate of protection in Vietnam and abroad;

- Counseling and providing maintenance services for patents granted in Vietnam and abroad;

- Advising and evaluating the possibility of violating patent rights being protected;

- Evaluating the validity of the granted invention protection patents granted in Vietnam and abroad;

- Negotiating, drafting, evaluating, registering contracts for the transfer of the right to use or ownership of inventions in Vietnam and abroad;

- Representing clients in responding to or complaining about decisions of the National Office of Industrial Property including, opposing, recommending changes in the decision;

Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn đăng ký bảo hộ sáng chế

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