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Our lawyers practice by representing clients as investment funds, local businesses or multinational corporations. At the same time, our lawyers advise clients on the most appropriate trading methods, assess the legal status of the target company, prepare and draft documents for business transactions related to real estate. Assist the client in obtaining the required approvals in accordance with the law, and assist the customer to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Our legal advisory services related to mergers and acquisition projects include:

1. Merger and acquisition of domestic and foreign enterprises;

2. Making reports on assessing the legal status of enterprises;

3. Structure of transactions;

4. Participating in contract negotiations;

5. Counsell on the bidding plan to buy all or part of other assets or businesses;

6. Counseling and drafting transaction documents, including sales contracts and shareholder agreements;

7. Counsell on tax, labor law and other complicated legal situations arising in the transaction;

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8. Working with central and local authorities to assist clients in obtaining necessary permits as required by law;

9. Counsell on issues of competition law (antitrust);

10. Consulting domestic and international equity investment, funding; and

11. Consulting the reorganization of enterprises.

Translated from: Tư vấn mua bán và sáp nhập công ty

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