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No.: 13/2006/CT-BKHCN
Hanoi, 07 June 2006
As the science and technologies have been progressing, the application of radiation and nuclear technologies has been widened in various areas such as health care, industry, agriculture, scientific research, etc., which in turn has brought recognisable social and economical benefits to the society.
The Ordinance on Radiation safety and control, approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on 15 June 1996 and entered into force on the 1st January 1997, has specified the Ministry of Science and Technology (the former Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) to be responsible for the State management on radiation safety and control in the country. As a result, the State management on radiation safety and control has been greatly improved. The legislative system supporting the State management has been gradually consolidated and the administrative system from the local level to the central has been strengthened and become more effective.
However, recently have some radiation facilities, even specialised research organizations, failed to comply with regulations on radiation and nuclear safety, resulting in missing of radioactive sources, hence posing risks to the public health and the environment, and causing public anxiety. In order to reinforce the State management on safety and security of radioactive sources so as to address arising issues and to meet the requirements for implementation of the Strategy for peaceful utilisation of atomic energy up to 2020, the Minister of Science and Technology requests as follows:
1. The Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Control (VARANSAC):
a. To effectively conduct the State management on radiation and nuclear safety and control: conforming to the procedure applied on notification, registration, and licensing applications from individuals and organizations possessing radioactive sources; consolidating organizational structure; strengthening technical and staff capacity to effectively perform radiation safety management; providing support for improving professional competence in radiation and nuclear safety and control management for relevant ministries, agencies and local organizations; developing, in cooperation with relevant agencies/organizations, a Proposal for establishment of a National System for emergency response to radiation and nuclear incidents/accidents to be submitted to the Prime Minister for approval.
b. To cooperate with the Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ) to consolidate the legal system and a system of technical standards and criteria in radiation and nuclear safety and control so as to have a sufficient legislative basis for effective management in the field.

c. To cooperate with MOST Department of Legislation and MOST publications (Science and Development Magazine, Science Activities Review, STAMEQ Magazine, etc.), mass media and Provincial Departments of Science and Technology to disseminate legal documents on radiation and nuclear safety and control, including: The Ordinance on Radiation Safety and Control 1996; Decree No. 50/1998/NĐ-CP dated 16th July 1998 issued by the Government instructing the implementation of the Ordinance on Radiation Safety and Control; Technical standards and criteria for radiation and