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Dispute Resolution Consultancy Services:

- Consulting, guiding clients to initiate lawsuits, preparing dossiers according to lawsuits;
- Drafting documents sent to competent agencies (petition, proposals in the process of litigation, request for judgment execution ...);
- Examining dossiers and law provisions related to specific cases;
- Exchanging and guiding customers to collect evidence, provide information;
- Collect evidence through contacts with relevant individuals, organizations and agencies;
- Meet with the legal proceeding agencies and arbitration bodies to best protect the rights and obligations of clients;
- Taking part in litigation at the courts and arbitration agencies to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients;
- Authorized representative outside the procedure.
Dispute Resolution Division Minh Khue Law Firm regularly participates in:
- Consultancy, representation of interests protection and participation in dispute settlement of economic, commercial and civil contracts, especially debt recovery;
- Counseling, representing the internal dispute resolution of enterprises;
- Protecting the interests of customers in labor disputes (termination of labor contracts, dismissal orders ...);
- Counseling, representing interests and participating in resolving disputes related to intellectual property rights;

- Representatives to protect interests and take part in the settlement of civil disputes (property disputes, land, inheritance, contracts, compensations for non-contractual damages, marriage and family).

Translated from: Luật sư giải quyết tranh chấp

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