Counseling on the establishment of a company, organization of management and operation of a company to purchase, sale, merger, consolidation, division, separation, transformation, dissolution and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Enterprise law consultancy services:

Minh Khue Law Firm is one of the leading law firms providing enterprise consultancy services and procedures for business registration, including consultancy on the establishment of companies, management organizations of the company, conducts activities of purchase, sale, merger, consolidation, division, separation, conversion, dissolution, bankruptcy of the enterprise.

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The details of our services include:

- Consultancy on the establishment of enterprises, branches, representative offices, business locations, e.g.;

- Consultancy on changes in business registration for enterprises, branches and representative offices;

- Providing consultancy services and supporting procedures for granting business licenses to enterprises in the course of operation;

- Consultancy the procedures for division, separation, merger and consolidation of enterprises; To change the form of operation of the enterprise;

- Consultancy on the restructuring of human resources for enterprises;

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- Consultancy on the dissolution of the company: conditions for dissolution, procedures for liquidation of assets, tax finalization upon dissolution of the enterprise.

- Counseling and providing services to consolidate legal documents of enterprises (business registration, tax, labor ...).

- Counseling enterprises to hold meetings of the General Assembly of Shareholders, Board of Directors of joint stock companies; Membership Council meeting for limited liability companies.

- Counseling, building models of enterprise management organization;

- Advising on the drafting of regulations, regulations on the organization of internal management, executive relations for enterprises (including charter).

- Other business counseling services upon request.

Why should you choose Minh Khue Law Firm?

- Business consultants with experience and business management skills in order to understand the issues that an enterprise may encounter.

- Human resources consultants have worked as human resource managers in large enterprises.

- Proficiency in business registration procedures through close relationships with state agencies.

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- professional service attitude;

- Quality of service is always guaranteed;

Translated from: Tư vấn luật doanh nghiệp

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