Under this Decision, agencies, organizations, enterprises make payment of Trade Union dues once a month: For enterprises the Trade Union dues of the last month shall be paid within 10 days of the following month; For non income-generating administration units, making payment of Trade Union dues with the period of fund withdrawal for monthly salary of the unit.

However, for the agencies, organizations, and small-scale enterprises or enterprises with long production cycles unable to make monthly payment of Trade Union dues, the Labor Confederation of provinces and cities; Central Trade Union;Corporation Trade Union under the Confederation stipulating the time of payment of Trade Union dues of these objects accordingly.

Besides, accounting the payment of Trade Union dues of agencies, organizations and enterprises is also regulated in detail. Accordingly, for enterprises, the payment of Trade Union dues shall be accounted in the cost of production and business. For organizations, the units using other sources for Trade Union dues, the payment shall be accounted into the cost of other sources of unit. Non income-generating administration units (enjoying the State budget), the source for Trade Union dues is allocated by the State budget in the annual estimate of the unit.

This decision takes effect on January 01, 2013


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